Wall Mounted Flagpoles

If you're limited for space or looking to fly a flag from a building, a wall mounted flagpole is the perfect solution. Perfect for city centre locations and businesses looking to create a great first impression on their customers, we have a selection of options available to choose from below. 

Not sure which wall mounted flagpole is best for you? We highly recommend speaking to our flagpole experts to ensure that your purchase is a perfect fit for your requirements.     

Success Stories

We supply, maintain and service wall mounted flagpoles for a wide range of high profile customers, check out some of our clients below.

Mandarin Oriental

With Hyde Park on one side & Knightsbridge on the other, the Mandarin Oriental is a stunning hotel that promises extravagance and richness.


We've been supplying premium quality bespoke flags to one of the world's most prestigious jewellers since 2013 and our flag change service ensures they always look great!

International Maritime Organisation

Working quickly and effectively, the team of installation engineers erect more than 170 flagpoles and ensure each is displaying a superb quality national flag.

Brown’s Hotel

Flagmakers supplies national and bespoke flags for Brown’s Hotel. These flags are lovingly hand-sewn to create a beautifully detailed standard that can be flown inside, or at the hotel's entrance.

FAQs - Wall Mounted Flagpoles

Which option is best for me?

Whilst there is no single correct answers for this, here's a quick summary of which wall mounted flagpole might be best for you;


Budget Wall Mounted Flagpoles

Considered to be an entry level flagpole, perfect for flying a flag at home or in a commercial setting with low footfall.

Vantage Aluminium Wall Mounted Flagpoles

Perfect for outdoor use in high footfall areas where creating a great first impression and brand image is of high importance. This flagpole is commonly used by retailers and hotels in city centre locations.


Glass Fibre Wall Mounted Flagpoles

Provides a very similar look and finish to an aluminium flagpole at a slightly lower price point.


Do I need planning permission?

IF you own the building installing a wall mounted flagpole should not require planning permission, however we would always advice checking with your local council before proceeding. If you are a tenant, you will need the permission of your landlord.

What angle brackets are available?

We have 2 standard brackets available;

  • Vertical brackets are often used to fix flagpoles at the top of a building, where the top of the flagpole exceeds the height of the building.
  • 45 degree brackets are the standard alternative option and are often used on retail and hotel fronts.

To get the most out of your wall mounted flagpole, we can also offer bespoke brackets and installation in consultation with our team of flagpole experts.



What size flag should I fly?

When it comes to flying a flag on a wall mounted flagpole, there are so many variables to consider, we highly recommend speaking with one of our experts who will be more than happy to advise on the best solution.

What style flag should I use?

You can fly standard landscape flags on a vertical and 45 degree wall mounted flagpoles. However, you might portrait flags are commonly used by organisations flying a corporate flag on a 45 degree pole.

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