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Wall Mounted Flagpoles

In the past flagmakers have created bespoke flagpole solutions that adorn the walls of luxury hotels, government and embassy buildings, and some of the most recognised retail brands in the world.

A wall mounted flagpole is the ideal flagpole solution for city centre venues or locations with limited space who still want to make an eye-catching statement.

Wall-mounted flagpoles are frequently shorter than ground-mounted flagpoles and can be regarded as a less permanent approach to displaying a flag. So if you believe you might want to remove the flag at some point, this could be a suitable flagpole option for you.

To get the most out of your flagpole, we offer bespoke solutions and easy-to-arrange installations. Begin your consultation with our team of flagpole experts to learn more about the flagpole options available for your wall-mounted flagpole, ask questions about planning permission, and more.

Our Wall Mounted Flagpoles

FAQs - Wall Mounted Flagpoles

Which wall mounted flagpole is best for me?

Whilst there is no single correct answers for this, here's a quick summary of which wall mounted flagpole might be best for you;

Budget Wall Mounted Flagpoles

Considered to be an entry level flagpole, perfect for flying a flag at home or in a commercial setting with low footfall.

Vantage Aluminium Wall Mounted Flagpoles

Perfect for outdoor use in high footfall areas where creating a great first impression and brand image is of high importance. This flagpole is commonly used by retailers and hotels in city centre locations.

Glass Fibre Wall Mounted Flagpoles

Provides a very similar look and finish to an aluminium flagpole at a slightly lower price point.


Do I need planning permission to install a wall mounted flagpole?

If you own the building installing a wall mounted flagpole should not require planning permission, however we would always advice checking with your local council before proceeding. If you are a tenant, you will need the permission of your landlord.

What angle brackets are available for wall mounted flagpoles?

We have 2 standard brackets available;

  • Vertical brackets are often used to fix flagpoles at the top of a building, where the top of the flagpole exceeds the height of the building.
  • 45 degree brackets are the standard alternative option and are often used on retail and hotel fronts.

To get the most out of your wall mounted flagpole, we can also offer bespoke brackets and installation in consultation with our team of flagpole experts.



What size flag should I fly from a wall flagpole?

When it comes to flying a flag on a wall mounted flagpole, there are so many variables to consider, we highly recommend speaking with one of our experts who will be more than happy to advise on the best solution for you.

What style flag should I use on a wall mounted flagpole?

You can fly standard landscape flags on a vertical and 45 degree wall mounted flagpoles, we strongly recommend this if flying a national flag. However, portrait flags are commonly used by organisations flying a co on a 45 degree pole as these flags achieve an excellent finish with the bottom of the flag running parallel to the ground.

 Need a little inspiration?

Need some help identifying the perfect solution for you? Here's a look at some of our recent wall mounted flagpole projects to assist you along the way. We highly recommend discussing your project with one of our experts to ensure your project achieves the perfect outcome.

5 Things You'll Need to Consider

Finding the perfect solution for your project can be a daunting process, particularly if you aren't quite sure what you are looking for. We highly recommend to all our customers, no matter how experienced, that you speak with one of our flagpole experts who will help ensure you achieve the best possible outcome. However, as a starter here's a quick guide of the choices you have to make and our brief recommendations.  

Bracket Type

Choosing the correct bracket type for your project is the first decision to make. It's more than likely you will already have a good idea of how you want your flagpole to look so choosing one of the two options available should be any easy decision to make.  

Angled brackets come at a 45 degree angle as standard and are without doubt the most popular choice when it comes to wall mounted flagpoles. As they allow the flagpole and flag to extend out from the wall, they are the perfect solution for business in high footfall areas, providing great visibility from a distance as well as a portraying a positive branding image.

More often than not, vertical brackets are installed near the top of a building to allow the height of the flagpole to extend over and above the peak of the premises. Vertical wall mounted flagpoles are often used in highly built up areas, where the added height allows them to increase visibility.

Flagpole Height

Angled flagpoles are available in 1.5 metre to 5m heights as standard, however, most angled wall mounted flagpoles do not exceed 3m and anything above this height requires additional stay wires attaching to the bracket to ensure that the flagpole remains stable and will likely need planning permission prior to installation.

When deciding on a height requirement, there is a balance to be found between being highly visible without becoming overly dominant.  The most common factors you will need to consider are any obstacles you might need to clear, the main viewpoints of your flagpole and your immediate surroundings. We highly recommend matching the height of you flagpole to existing flagpoles in a high street setting.

Vertical wall mounted flag poles range from 4m to 8m as standard, with bespoke options available on request. The height of your flagpole will ultimately depend on the placement of your brackets and the clearance above the top of your building that you wish to achieve.            

Flagpole Material

Glass fibre wall mounted flagpoles are the most popular choice, in particular when using an angled bracket, as they allow you to achieve a great finish at a lower cost. Moreover, the material is lightweight, making them easier to install at height and naturally a better option for fitting to a wall.  

In most cases, aluminium would not be the first option when fixing a flagpole to a wall, in particular at and angle, due to its significant weight. However, in some circumstances aluminium is a specified requirement to achieve planning permission and is also a popular choice if wishing to opt for a bespoke painted flagpole.  

What Type of Flag?

Getting your choice of flag right is crucially important in adding the perfect finish touch to you're flagpole. If you’re flying a flag on an angled wall mounted flagpole, it will need to have flag clip or eyelet installed in the bottom flying edge corner which a teather rope is attached to, fixing the flag to the wall and ensuring it does not wrap around your flagpole during high winds.

If you’re intending on flying a national flag, most likely a union, we highly recommend flying a standard landscape flag as this is considered to be the correct flag flying etiquette. We would also suggest that any other flags you are flying match this design as uniform is important when looking to achieve best possible aesthetics.

Alternatively, if you are looking to install a corporate flag on your wall mounted flagpole, we would advise that you consider a portrait flag which are designed specifically for wall mounted flagpoles, with the shape meaning that the bottom of the flag will run horizontal to the floor, accomplishing a fantastic premium finish. Moreover, we would also recommend using double sided decotex material, as this will allow you to achieve a premium finish on both sides of the flag and the additional weight will reduce movement and ensure your full flag design is visible in all weather conditions.  

RICS Angled Flag for Wall Mounted Flagpoles
Gold Finial for wall and ground mounted flagpoles

Finishing Touches

All of our angled and vertical wall mounted flagpoles come with a white finial as standard. The finial sits right at the top of the flagpole and is a focal point of the flagpole due to its location and proximity to the flag. For this reason, we highly recommend adding a gold finial to your flagpole to achieve an aesthetically superior final product that looks great in any location.

Success Stories

We supply, maintain and service wall mounted flagpoles for a wide range of high profile customers, check out some of our clients below.

Mandarin Oriental

With Hyde Park on one side & Knightsbridge on the other, the Mandarin Oriental is a stunning hotel that promises extravagance and richness.

National and bespoke flags - Mandarin Hotel


We've been the premium quality bespoke flag maker of choice for one of the world's most prestigious jewellers since 2013, and our flag change service ensures they always look great!

custom flag - cartier

International Maritime Organisation

Working quickly and effectively, the team of installation engineers erect more than 170 flagpoles and ensure each is displaying a superb quality national flag.

Flags At IMO

Brown’s Hotel

Flagmakers supplies national and bespoke flags for Brown’s Hotel. These flags are lovingly hand-sewn to create a beautifully detailed standard that can be flown inside, or at the hotel's entrance.

bespoke flags - Browns hotel

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