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Flagpole Service & Maintenance

Your flagpole is there to make a statement. And an unused or badly maintained flagpole in front of your business, site or premises can make all the wrong kind of statements. Flagmakers can provide regular and detailed inspections of your flags and flagpoles to ensure they’re kept in top condition and meeting all the necessary safety guidelines, so you’re presenting your location in the best way possible.

Choose from intervals of 6 or 12 months where our dedicated team will visit your site, clean the flagpole, examine all fixtures and fittings, and swap out weathered elements for new ones. We will never leave a flagpole with fatigued or weakened parts. Each service looks at every detail of your flagpole and ensures they meet our high standards.

Your bi/annual maintenance check includes:

  • Foundation and ground anchor bolt inspection
  • Pole check for signs of wear, fatigue, bending or failure
  • Halyards checked for signs of abrasion or weakness through UV ageing
  • Cleats and fittings checked
  • Poles lowered and cleaned to remove dirt
  • Finials and rotating arms checked
  • Flags inspected and replaced if worn
Flagpole Maintenance and servicing

Locations with multiple flagpoles can benefit from substantial discounts, and we can also use the service as an opportunity to replace the flags flying too. Swapping old for new and guaranteeing a polished and professional look for your flagpole. 

Contact the Flagmakers team today and start planning your flagpole service and maintenance.

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