Asian Flags

At Flagmakers, we have been in operation since 1837 - which makes us mere spring chickens compared to some of the flags of Asia - whose' histories date back to as early as 701.

Our company is the oldest and most respected flag manufacturer in the UK, and we count many governments and embassies as our clients, so it's only right we specialise in providing national flags of the highest quality.

Our Asian flag selection is unmatched, and the craft and detail we put into each flag is homage to the intricacies of oriental and sub-continental culture.

We prepare flags from each of the 48 nation states that make up Asia so you can be confident in the knowledge that you won’t have to search the web trying to find a flagmaker who can make your country's flag - as you’ve already found them.

Choose between Asian powerhouses and fly an Indian, Chinese, or Japanese flag with pride, or opt to represent smaller nation states such as Mauritius or the Maldives, or show your support for worn torn countries such as Yemen.

Buy Your Asia Flags at Flagmakers Today

You can order a flag for any country throughout Asia using our handy tool bar.

Alternatively, if you are interested in creating a bespoke flag with a custom design, you can contact us here. The only limit to our designs is your imagination.

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