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Ground Mounted Flagpoles

A ground mounted flagpole is the perfect solution for a prestigious and professional welcome to your premises. As the most traditional way to fly a flag, your ground mounted flagpole can announce your presence and make a statement, whilst ensuring the highest standards of quality from base to finial.

For a durable, stable, and elegant display solution, explore the variety of materials, features, and intricate details we offer. Speak to our sales team to discuss the range of custom and bespoke options and let us help you design and install the perfect flagpole for you.

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Choosing Your Flagpole Base

Choose from 4 styles of base, and if you have questions about which is the most suitable, feel free to contact our knowledgeable team of flagpole experts.

Hinged Base

A hinged base is a modern way of making caring for and maintaining your flagpole much easier. The flagpole is installed with a movable joint which enables the pole to be lowered with ease.

Fixed Base

A flagpole with a fixed base offers great stability. A fixed base is a long-term option for a flagpole as is lowered much less frequently than a hinged base.

Ground Sleeve Base

Choosing a Ground sleeve is an economic and simple solution, suitable for poles which won’t need to be lowered regularly. With a [material] sleeve inserted into the ground and the flagpole rests stably inside.


A tabernacle base features two vertical uprights, connected by long bolts, which hold up the flagpole. Removing the bolts allows the flagpole to be lowered for cleaning and maintenance.

Flagpole Base Options

Frequently Asked Ground Mounted Flagpole Questions

Do I need planning permission for my flagpole?

To install a permanent Flagpole, you will need planning permission from your local council. Our experience is that in general planning permission is straight forward to obtain, particularly if there are other poles in the area which form a precedent. Our team can help you with this and provide all the information you will need for your application.

What size flag will work best on the flagpole I choose?

You need to fly a flag that suits the size of your flagpole; too big or too small and it will look out of proportion. For standard landscape flags a good guide is that the longest (top) edge of the flags should be a quarter of the height of the pole; for example, a 2m x1m flag would be ideal for an 8m Pole. 

Here's a quick guideline;

Flagpole height

Flag Size


1.5 yd













Can I get my flagpole professionally installed?

Flagpoles are relatively easy to install and most competent builders will be able to do it for you. We provide information about preparing a suitable foundation or effectively installing brackets when you buy a flagpole.

Alternatively, and recommended, our installation team can deliver and install your flagpole for you. They have had many years of experience and can overcome a variety of challenges. Most importantly, our team is experienced in working at height and hold the relevant industry certificates permitting them to install competently.

Most of our flagpoles are supplied with installation added, giving much-needed reassurance to the owner that their flagpole will remain safe.

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