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Custom-Made Promotional Flags For Any Event

Promote your company, event or occasion with our custom-made advertising flags. With expert help, you can design eye-catching, memorable flags that represent your needs and desired messages. When it comes to advertising your business, every message counts, whether you're attempting to attract new customers or keep your existing audience's attention. To achieve this, we can provide an easy-to-manage solution with our high-quality advertising flags.

Any Advertising Flag Designed to Suit Your Business Needs

There are endless opportunities when it comes to designing your customised promotional flag.

From an array of bold and vibrant colours, to designing a layout on the flag that fits the message you wish to promote, our advertising flags will be able to meet your requirements. Whether you’re looking for a simplistic and elegant design of just your business logo on a background colour of your choice, or an unmissable promotional flag that features images, text and more, our team of talented flag designers will be able to help you create the flag of your promotional dreams. 

Our flag studio based in Derbyshire can help with design, adjustments, and amendments to ensure the best quality print, and will always provide a proof copy to double-check you’re happy with the way your flag will look.

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Any Advertising Flag, Shape, or Size You Need

However you want to advertise your business, we are confident that Flagmakers has a solution with our bespoke advertising flags. From traditional landscape flags to banner-like vertical flags, we can produce custom-designed flags in a vast range of sizes to create the lasting impression you want.

Flagmakers offer a variety of mounts that are suitable for all kinds of advertising. Below we have listed some of the flagpole options you may wish to consider. It’s great to know what type of promotional flag you want but the flagpole is equally as important.

Advertising Flags Made To Your Specifications

All our flags are made to order and are guaranteed to meet your requirements. We make promotional flags and displays that are suitable to fly both indoors and outdoors for corporate or non-commercial companies. We can use our flag expertise and knowledge to advise on the best printing methods for your flag.

Based on whether the promotional flag is for a short-term promotion or will be flown for a longer period as a way to boost brand awareness and reputation, our advertising flags are durable, versatile and suitable for any of your needs.

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Why Choose Flagmakers' Promotional Flags?

We are the UK’s leading flag manufacturer for premium and bespoke flags. For over 150 years, we have provided high-quality products and first-class service to all of our customers. We guarantee specialised help with your enquiry, a fast service and a hassle-free installation to ensure that your products are designed, manufactured and installed ready for any occasion. 

What We Offer

At Flagmakers, we provide a variety of flag manufacturing and designing services. We have mentioned what services we can provide below to guarantee you that advertising flags and flagpoles are a simple solution for you. Our services include the best customer care, installation, maintenance and more…

Contact us

If any of our flag services sound interesting to you, please give us a call and we will be pleased to meet any of your needs. On the other hand, if you're not sure what you're looking for and want to talk to someone about it.


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