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The International Maritime Organisation – IMO – is a specialised agency within the United Nations. Responsible for the safety and security of shipping and the prevention of marine and atmospheric pollution by ships and vessels. The IMO is the forum at which shipping regulations and standards are agreed, adopted, and implemented.

The Assembly is IMO’s the highest governing body. It is responsible for approving the work programme and budget; and determining financial arrangements and electing the IMO Council. The Assembly consists of all IMO Member States and meets once every two years.


National Flags and wall mounted flagpoles At IMO
Rooftop flagpoles At IMO

The Brief

The London headquarters of the International Maritime Organisation hosts the IMO Assembly every two years. To welcome delegates from across the world, and as part of the United Nations, the IMO assembly erects 173 poles and national flags. These remain flying for approximately 10 days, whilst The Assembly is in session, and then they are retired.

The IMO sought a service that could easily handle a large scale job. They wanted an organisation they could trust, who had the capacity to store the products when not in use, and who understood the heritage and prestige that is required with the installation and flying of national flags.


Our Solution

Since 2014, Flagmakers have installed the necessary flags and flagpoles each time the IMO has required it. Working quickly and effectively, the team of installation engineers erect more than 170 flagpoles and ensure each is displaying a superb quality national flag.

At the end of the display period, the team carefully removes each flag and pole, records and carries out any maintenance that is necessary, and then stores them safely and securely. These are kept specifically for the use of the International Maritime Organisation and cared for to ensure the longevity of each flag.

Flags At IMO

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