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Cartier is a world-famous designer and retailer of watches and jewellery. With more than 200 stores in 125 countries, this French organisation has built a reputation as one of the most prestigious brands in the world. Following a royal warrant from King Edward VII in 1902, Cartier has provided pieces for royalty in Spain, Portugal, Russia, and the UK, as well as Oscar-winning actors, models, and more.

Custom Cartier Flag
custom flag - cartier

The Brief

Cartier have spent more than 170 years building a reputation as a brand of supreme quality. The retail business wanted this to be reflected in all elements of their business including the flags at the front of their stores. Cartier were looking for excellent quality display pieces that highlighted the history of the business but also allowed for innovative and impactful promotion of their business and products.

As a multi-national business, Cartier aim to create a sense of consistency between their branches. There are several points in the calendar where the retail business seeks to match the look and feel of different locations, both in design and layout of designs, and quality with which they are made.

Our Solution

For several years, Flagmakers has produced high-quality custom made flags for Cartier. Featuring the elegant and delicate branding that is known around the world, the flags have been made and installed for Cartier at both of their London locations as well as various other branches across the world.

To maintain the quality look and feel of the flags, Flagmakers frequently visits the branches to check, clean, repair and change the flags. Fresh flags being flown ensures Cartier stores are always looking their best.

Flagmakers team of highly skilled flagpole engineers repeatedly perform routine maintenance on flagpoles and mounts on a schedule that suits Cartier. This ensures all poles remain in good condition and provides the opportunity to fulfil seasonal business needs like lowering flags to make room for Christmas decorations.

custom flag - Cartier shopfront

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