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Design your very own luxury custom flag for your business, marketing campaign or event. As specialised flag makers with over 180 years of experience, we are here to help create the perfect solution for every specification, from your unique flag design to the durability needed for outdoor display. 

Install branded flags for a lasting and cost-effective brand impression. Our durable flags are suitable for both indoor and outdoor displays, perfect for any occasion. Whether you need 1 or 100 flags, we can bring your vision to life, install them, and ensure they look their best.

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Hand Painted Flags

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Advertising Flags

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Festival Flags

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Why Choose Flagmakers UK?

For over 180 years, Flagmakers UK worked with businesses of all different shapes and sizes, from world-renowned brands to local independent businesses and sports clubs, to create custom flags that help brands make the perfect first impression. 

Discover the range of sizes, shapes, and production styles for your flag, and begin the process of creating your own flag today with the UK’s trusted flagmakers. 

Speak to our team of experienced flagmakers and find the best solution for you, or explore what services we offer by completing the form below. 

Check out our portfolio by clicking the button below or take a look at our Instagram to stay up to date. 

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Create Your Own Customised Flag

Designing the perfect flag is a fine art that we have perfected through decades of experience and the manufacture of thousands of flags.

Get started by telling us what you’re looking for with your designs below, and one of our team members will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

Include any potential design ideas, logos, flags you like the look of here.

Personalised Branded Flags

There are endless opportunities when you choose a custom-made flag to advertise your business. Ensure your audience recognise your business from a single glance with bold and eye-catching designs in any shape, colour, or size you can think of. Create a message that makes a lasting impression with a high-quality custom advertising flag promoting your latest event, product launch, or branded service.

Choose from a variety of possibilities to bring your business to life by flying a digitally printed flag, giving your customers a quick and easy way to recognise your company.

Custom Advertising Flags
Portable Flagpoles
Custom Flag - Cartier

Custom Applique Flags 

As the original and most durable method of flag-making, choosing a hand sewn or applique flag is the perfect choice if you’re looking for the highest quality fabric and excellent levels of detail. Put together like a mosaic, the different shapes and colours of your design are sewn onto a sturdy background as individual elements.

The ideal solution for small quantities and one-off pieces, this method is guaranteed to create a stunning bespoke flag that is commonly found in places of worship, tourist attractions and heritage sites, and sports clubs. Speak to our team to learn more about the first-class finish you get when choosing an applique flag.

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Custom Corporate Flags

Whether you’re looking to fly a traditional landscape flag with your company logo and colours, or you’re seeking a more modern portrait flag with rotating arms and flag extenders, we can help you create a professional and prestigious first impression with our made-to-order corporate flags. Fit to a new or existing flagpole and make sure your organisation stands out with a sophisticated and high-quality flag in any shape, size, and design you can think of.

We can take any logo or design and turn it into a first-class flag, ideal for indoor or outdoor use. With UV stable and waterproof finishing as well as fixtures, fittings, and accessories to suit your needs, we can help create the perfect corporate flag.

Custom Corporate Flags
Bond Street Custom Flags
Custom Embroidered Flags

Embroidered Flags 

Embroidered flags offer an exquisitely finished product and a one-of-a-kind flag. Our experienced team will work with you to fully understand your artwork and preferences before bringing your design to life with hours of hand-sewing and multiple layers of detailed embroidery.

We are dedicated to creating bespoke pieces of art that are used by organisations including the Armed Forces, governments across the world, and heritage institutions. Flagmakers are proud to create custom embroidered flags to your exact specification, superior detail, and a range of finishing touches such as tassels or fringing. Speak to our team today to begin the quotation process for your unique flag.

Embroidered Flags

Custom Hand Painted Flags 

Very few processes are as complex as that of a hand-painted custom flag. Combining the latest modern design technology with the extreme detail of traditional techniques. Custom hand-painted flags result in first-class bespoke pieces that are the ultimate choice for heraldic or parade pennants. Learn more about how Flagmakers can assist you with the design and commissioning of your unique flag artwork.

Hand Painted Flags
Custom Flag Banners
Blade Feather Flags

Bespoke Feather Flags

A custom feather flag comes in a variety of styles and sizes to suit your demands, and you can customise the flag to suit your specifications. Whether you need a feather flag for a festival, a country fair, a corporate event, or an exhibition, our feather flags are the perfect solution.

Simply select one of our sizes and styles, as well as a flag base, to ensure that your custom made flag can stand tall and withstand harsh weather conditions.

Feather Flags

Customised Festival Flags

A custom flag for a festival is something produced specifically made to suit your festival's atmosphere and clientele. Custom-made festival flags can be designed and produced to your exact specifications, or you can work using our templates from the Music, Angle, and Bulge festival flags.

With our bespoke festival flags delivering height, movement, and vibrant colours, a Custom Made Festival Flag is guaranteed to enhance any outdoor event and is the perfect opportunity to exhibit you or your organisation's personality.

View Festival Flags

Additional Custom Flag Services UK

At Flagmakers, we can provide additional custom flag services to match your particular needs. Whether you want your custom flag to be digitally printed or dye simulated, we can provide the right one-of-a-kind custom flag service

custom flag - Fortnum and Mason

Digital Printed Custom Flags

Full-colour digital printing means there’s no restrictions for the images, design or artwork you want on your flag. Whether you’re looking for one-off flags or a greater quantity, we guarantee a high-quality print that will give you eye-catching brand exposure that is built to last.

Custom Flag - Chanel

Dye Sublimated Custom Flags

Ideal for high volume flag production, dye printed flags offer a high professional standard and bold, vibrant colours to make your design pop. As the traditional method of printing flags, the coloured dye penetrates the material and gives superb results and a professional standard you’ll be proud to display.

Custom Flag Repair and Laundry Service

The effects of wind and weather can leave your flag looking a bit worse for wear. Whilst we do everything we can to ensure durability, every flag can benefit from regular cleaning and maintenance, minor repairs, and some TLC.

Flag Laundry & Repair
RICS Custom Flags

Custom Flag Changing Service

Keep your custom flags in perfect condition by replacing them regularly. Choose from fortnightly to quarterly and our team will visit your site, assess the best way to maintain the flag and pole, and provide fresh new flags to fly whilst yours is being revitalised.

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Learn how to look after your flag and keep it top quality.

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