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Portable Flagpoles UK

Flagpoles don't have to be a permanent fixture! Our portable flagpoles are all designed to be suitable for a wide range of locations and their ability to be assembled in a range of heights with a variety of bases allows you the flexibility to fly your flags whatever the setting.

Portable Flagpoles For Sale UK

Portable flagpoles are becoming increasingly popular due to the numerous purposes for which they can be used. Since portable flagpoles are suited for a wide range of settings and portable to any location, you don't have to worry about struggling to manoeuvre them between events.

The portable flagpole is also resistant to extreme weather conditions, so if your event is outside there's no need to worry. Our portable flagpoles can withstand the turbulent UK weather conditions.

If your flag has been damaged by harsh weather conditions and requires repair or maintenance, we happily offer this service to our portable flagpole customers, feel free to contact us regarding this service.

Choose Your Portable Flagpole

Portable flag poles are suitable for a variety of occasions, including exhibits that travel throughout the country periodically or festivals. We have event portable flagpoles as well as standard portable flagpoles in store for any occasion.

Portable Flagpole

Our portable flagpoles are primarily purchased by our customers for outdoor use, but we also stock a variety of bases to make your portable flagpole stand tall indoors.  We also offer a selection of arm sizes and pole sizes for you to choose from, so your portable flag pole suits your location perfectly. If you need further guidance regarding the type of flagpole, size, shape, and which base you may need, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Event Portable Flagpole

A portable event flagpole is an excellent option for displaying a huge flag in a public setting,  that is completely self-contained and suited for any ground condition. This portable flagpole is particularly ideal for those festivals that are set up and taken down each year, saving valuable time. Event flag poles can be used with or without an arm, and they can be paired with a variety of bases.

Event Flagpoles with Water Base

Alternative Flagpole Options For Sale

We also have alternative flagpole options for sale that can be utilised for a variety of purposes, similar items to our portable flagpoles are mentioned below.


Our flagpoles are custom-made to your specifications. They are expertly crafted to create a statement in any indoor or outdoor situation, using only the highest quality materials to ensure durability and longevity.

To browse our flagpole collection click here.

Festival Flags

The vibrancy of the festival flag design will stand out amongst the crowds while flying high on our portable flagpole. Our portable flagpoles also make it possible for your festival flag to be readily relocated elsewhere on the festival grounds if needed.

Our selection of customisable festival flags is now available here.

Feather Flags

When it comes to addressing your flag needs, our low-cost and vibrant feather flags are the most cost-effective option. You can customise your feather flag in a range of patterns and sizes, see our feather flag selection here.

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