We’ve been making flag and flagpoles since the 19th Century. Joining with other successful businesses across the 20th century, we have formed a team of experts and passionate flag makers to provide a first-class service for all things flags and flagpoles.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional pole to make a statement, or for a modern and contemporary option to help boost brand awareness, we can help you choose the best flagpole for your promotional needs.

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Ground Mounted Flagpoles

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Wall Mounted Flagpoles

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What You'll Need To Consider...

We want to help you find the perfect solution for your needs. Before you get in touch for a quote, think about the following elements and it will help us identify the best flagpole for you.

  • Where will it be located? Indoors? Outdoors? On a wall? Does it need to move?
  • How tall does my flagpole need to be? Feet? Metres? Storeys?
  • What flag are you looking to fly? Size? Orientation? Should it flutter?
  • What is your budget? Initial product? Ongoing maintenance?

If you're purchasing a flagpole for the first time, or have any specific needs for your project, we strongly advise you to speak with one of our experts who will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have and work closely with you to ensure you get the perfect solution for your requirements.

Speak To An Expert
Flagpole Installation

Flagpole Installation

Our trusted team of trained professionals is ready to install your hardware. Ensure many years of trouble-free usage with expert advice on site-specific requirements, positioning and more. Our team is ready to help with the knowledge, skills and tools for a hassle-free installation that suits you.

Flagpole Installation
Flagpole Maintenance and servicing

Flagpole Servicing & Maintenance

Be sure your hardware is safe and smart with regular checks from Flagmakers. Don’t let an unused or badly maintained pole compromise the impression you want to give. Book in for 6 or 12 month service intervals where we will inspect everything from foundation to fittings and advise on best practise going forward.

Service & Maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions about Flagpoles

Which option is best for me?

The height should reflect its surroundings and the buildings on which it is attached or stands in front of. Here is a guide to suggested sizes:

  • A 6m height would suit a 1-2 storey building.
  • An 8m - 10mm height would suit a 2-3 storey building.
  • A 12m - 15m height would suit a tower block, stadium or prestige site and ideal on sites with more than one pole.
  • A 20m height would work well with major development site, visible from a long distance.

Our most popular height is 8m - suitable in a wide range of locations.

Where Can I Install?

If placing in the ground, it will need to have a solid foundation, to ensure it is stable and
able to withstand the forces that wind will exert on it. The dimensions of its foundation will depend on its
height; as a rule, an 600mm x 600mm x 800mm cube of concrete will suit most poles up to 8m.

If placing on a building, you can choose either a vertical or an angled bracket. Vertical
brackets are mainly used to fit a pole at the top of the building, adding extra height, whilst Angled
brackets project a pole into a street, well above head height, making them more visible and prominent
and are commonly used on shop fronts. Our angled brackets are 45 degrees as standard.

What sort of pole will I need for my use?

Permanent flagpoles are suited to any location where it remains in a fixed position such as in front
of a business premises. They may be used for flying either a National flags or business brand flags.
Temporary poles are a surprisingly common requirement and can be secured in a variety of ways:

  • Directly into the ground, using guylines to secure.
  • Using a heavy base, usually holding water when in place to create weight and making transportation easier.
  • Attached to a vehicle - with brackets or using a drive on base.

Do I need planning permission before installation?

To install permanently, you will need planning permission from your local council.
Under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, flags come with the definition of an ‘advertisement’ and
their display is controlled by the Town and Country Panning (Control of Advertisements) Regulations 1992.

However, under Schedule 2 of the regulations, the national flag of any country, including the Union Flag, is
exempt from advertisement control provided ‘Each flag is flown from a single vertical pole and neither
the flag nor the displays any advertisement additional to the design of the flag’.

Our experience is that in general planning permission is straight forward to obtain, particularly if there are
other poles in the area which form a precedent. Our team can help you with this and provide all the
information you will need for your application.

What type is best?

A standard pole with a halyard and finial is the most common ensemble and the most traditional type. The
finial at the top is in the shape of an onion and the halyard (rope) allows the flag to be hoisted. All flag
types can fly from this type of flagpole.

Rotating arm

Fitted to the top of the pole, it holds the flag out on permanent display and ensures the
message or design is displayed regardless of wind strength. It rotates to follow the wind direction but is
only suited to portrait orientation flags.

Base options

Permanent poles generally come with the option of either a ground sleeve or a hinged base. The
Ground sleeve is an economic and simple solution, suitable for poles which won’t need to be lowered
regularly. The hinged base makes installation and maintenance much easier and enables the pole to be
lowered with ease for cleaning.

Can I get my pole professionally installed?

competent builders should be able to do install for you. However, we do provide information
about preparing a suitable foundation or effectively installing brackets.

Alternatively, and recommended, our installation team can deliver and install for you. They have
had many years of experience and can overcome a variety of challenges. Most importantly, our team is
experienced in working at height and hold the relevant industry certificates permitting them to install
competently. Most of our poles are supplied with installation added, giving much-needed reassurance to the owner that their pole will remain safe. 

Flagpole Jargon

Finial - the ‘cap’ at the top of the flagpole, usually a rounded mushroom or onion shape. It can be the same
as the pole or in gold or silver.

Halyard - the rope used to hoist the flag up the pole.

Cleat - the small metal or plastic fitting used to secure the halyard in place once the flag is hoisted, usually
positioned about 1.5m from the ground allowing easy access.

Step Tapered Pole - usually refers to Aluminium poles and made in sections that slot together when installed; a larger diameter of tube is used at the base to give extra strength.

Smooth Tapered Pole - usually refers to Glassfibre and Architectural flagpoles and comes in one piece and is a smooth conical shape, with a larger diameter at the base, gently reducing in diameter up to the top.

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