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For more than 40 years, the LGBTQ+ community have shown their pride through flags. At parades, demonstrations, nightlife, and even the privacy of a home or bedroom, the display of a flag is a popular way to showcase the pleasure and joy in being part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Explore our full Pride range and choose from 9 popular designs that represent the history, achievements, and recognition of different sexualities and gender identities within the community.

From the original Gilbert Baker design in 1977, to the inclusive Progress design of 2018, LGBTQ+ flags are some of the boldest, brightest, and most colourful flags we create. Flagmakers are delighted to make a range of pride flags, here in the UK, using dye or hand-sewing applique to create high quality emblems that are guaranteed to catch your attention.

In the United Kingdom, the LGBTQ+ community will fly Pride flags for LGBT History month in February, and in June for the global commemoration of Pride month. Celebrations and anniversaries throughout the year will see all types of pride flags displayed at parades and marches, and for personal use by LGBTQ+ persons across the world.

You can learn about the changing design of the traditional rainbow pride flag throughout history or discover the meanings of the different LGBT flags on our blog.

Whether you’re an organisation dedicated to celebrating LGBTQ+ people, or a proud member of the community, we can make your chosen design in almost any size imaginable and can even create custom designs including text, images, and logos.

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