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White Ensign Flag

Once called the St George Ensign, the White Ensign features a white field, Cross of St George and the Union and is flown at sea exclusively by the Royal Navy.

Product Description

We manufacture and supply the United Kingdom white ensign flags in either hand sewn or dye sublimated options. We highly recommend hand sewn nautical flags as the preferred choice for your flag. Manufactured using Ministry of Defence approved 155gsm woven flag material, this fabric offers the best possible durability and has been used by the Navy and other military branches for many years.

Hand Sewn White Ensigns 

Hand sewn United Kingdom white ensign flags are made to MoD & Flag Institute standard patterns by cutting panels of the required colours from a roll of fabric, before being sewn together by our skilled flagmakers to create the official pattern. National flag designs with complex details will have a printed panel or badge added to the main field of the flag.

Dye-sublimated White Ensigns 

Dye-sublimated United Kingdom white ensign flags are created using our state-of-the-art textile print systems and woven polyester flag fabric in our UK manufacturing facility. Chosen for strength and durability, knitted polyester is an ideal choice for anybody looking for a good value national flag finished ready to fly from your flagpole.


The United Kingdom white ensign flag is finished by hand with a headband rope and toggle as standard, ready to attach directly to a flagpole. The three exposed sides of the flag are finished with a strong double hem and a triple sewn hem on the fly edge for extra durability.

Other finishes are available, please be sure to select the correct option for you or contact a member of our team for support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can fly a White Ensign?

The white ensign is for the exclusive use of the Royal Navy and any other use at sea is illegal, whilst flying on land would be considered inappropriate. 

What does the White Ensign mean?

When flown on a ship, this means that the commanding office of the ship has received the Kings Commission. 

What is the difference between a flag and an ensign?

An ensign is a flag that is only flown at sea to indicate the vessel's nationality. The ensign should be flown at the rear of the ship and be the largest flag.

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