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Flag Laundry & Repair

Air pollution will cause white parts of your flag to turn grey with time. Flags are also often damaged by objects which the flag flaps against in windy conditions or by old wooden flagstaffs which may not have a smooth finish due to splintering.  To reduce this risk, ensure that the halyard is always taught, to prevent your flag snagging and that your flag flies clear of all obstacles.

However, even the best made flags will wear over time and the fly edge is usually the first place in which damage occurs.  And let’s not forget that your flag is part of the overall impression your visitors get when arriving and so a discoloured or worn flag will give completely the wrong impression.

We will wash your flag carefully and then carry out any minor repairs which may be required, delivering your flag back in pristine condition.  If your flag needs any major work, then we will advise and provide a quote for this before commencing. Think of it a little like a car service! If preferred, we can also quote for a new flag which will replace the existing flag when it is finally past its best

PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, we are unable to offer this service for Royal British Legion standards or embroidered flags.

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