3 Reasons to Invest in a Flagpole

Over the past 10 years, there’s been a significant rise in the number of businesses and individuals choosing to invest in flagpoles and fly a variety of flags from them.

The use of flags and flagpoles dates back more than 2000 years. From the earliest renditions made of wood to the surge in metal flagpoles from the early 1900s, flying a flag from a purpose-made post is a long-standing tradition for people to showcase their affiliations to country, organisation, and more.

Flagpoles are designed to create a high quality and noticeable way of displaying a variety of flags and pennants. As the UK’s oldest flag-making company, Flagmakers are also proud to design, manufacture and install a wide selection of permanent and portable flagpoles for clients across the UK. Explore the different flagpole options available to order today.

We spoke to our customers and clients to find out the top reasons for investing in a premium-quality flagpole from Flagmakers.

A Desire to Make an Impact.

A first impression is so important. Whether you’re building a new personal relationship or looking to make your brand stand out from other businesses, the first impression can be a crucial part of the way you make an impact.

A flagpole can be a superb method of attracting attention for your business and giving your location a professional and impressive way to welcome guests and visitors. We’ll learn everything we can about your site so that we can advise you on the options available including the height of your flagpole, hinges, halyards, and a variety of other finishing touches.

To create an eye-catching welcome to any location, explore the functionality and elegant design of Ground-Mounted flagpoles. As a popular choice for schools, government buildings, high-end retail, and constructions sites, flagpoles installed into the ground are the perfect display system for traditional flags or portrait style banners.

You can add even more impact to your flagpole with a custom flag design. Showcase your logo, brand, or whatever artwork you like, just like luxury jeweller Tiffany’s.

Showcasing Your Values

Whatever flag you’ve chosen to fly, you want to give it the prominence and attention it deserves. By choosing the right flagpole, it can help you and your business share your values with everyone who visits your location.

Our customers choose to fly National and County flags from flagpoles to showcase their patriotism and pride in where they come from. Learn more about certain protocols to follow especially with national flags and speak to our team of experts to ensure you have the most suitable flagpole for you. The correct flagpole is crucial to the way you fly your flag.

National flags are a popular choice for public sector organisations, high-end hospitality, and armed and emergency services. Highlighting the location where they are based, the place they represent, or in solidarity to a country where they have meaningful partnerships.

If you’re looking to fly multiple flags to showcase your values and relationships and want a solution that makes the most of your space, explore the options of Wall-Mounted flagpoles, or speak to our sales team who will find a first-class pole to proudly fly your flags and banners.

Choosing a Sustainable Display Solution

Flying a flag from a flagpole will never go out of style. Unlike other display solutions which have shorter lifespans or have fleeting periods of popularity, a flagpole is a long-term investment. A flagpole that is kept in top quality condition can last for years, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective structure to fly your flags and pennants.

A badly maintained flagpole in front of your business, site or premises can make all the wrong kind of statements as well as shorten the time it can be used safely. Contact Flagmakers and learn more about how our highly skilled engineers can carry out regular and detailed inspections of your flags and flagpoles to ensure they’re kept in top condition.

Flagpole services and industry-leading maintenance are the ideal way to ensure your flagpoles meet all the necessary safety guidelines, reducing the need to replace them, and so you’re presenting your location in the best way possible. Learn more by reading about the products and services we provide for Brown’s Hotel, London.

Flagmakers are committed to acting as an environmentally friendly business. Changes made to our UK production facility in 2019 resulted in a 30-tonne reduction in CO2 output and a 48% reduction in material waste. Choose Flagmakers for a flagpole that is manufactured by an eco-friendly and sustainable business.

Are you looking to install your own flagpole? 

Take a look at the things to consider when erecting a custom-made flagpole and explore the range of choices and solutions we offer. To discuss your needs further, call 01246 472 949 or email sales@flagmakers.co.uk

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