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Case Study: Tiffany & Co - London, Bond Street

Our Client

Founded in Connecticut, USA in 1837, Tiffany & Co. is a speciality retailer of jewellery, personal accessories, and leather goods. Marketed as an arbiter of taste and style, the iconic brand now operates across multiple continents and has more than 320 stores worldwide. As one of three London locations, the store at Old Bond Street, London is a popular boutique in Mayfair.


Tiffany Shopfront
Tiffany Shopfront Flag

The Brief

The Tiffany Blue Box is recognised as a symbol for style and sophistication and is replicated throughout the business identity. To ensure consistency and high-quality, Tiffany & Co. manufacture their own specialised fabric for flags and displays. The high-end retailer was keen to work with a UK company with the capability to turn this bespoke fabric into superior quality flags to fly at their London boutique and maintain an eye-catching first impression for shoppers.

To celebrate the wedding of HRH Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in 2018, Tiffany & Co. wanted to celebrate the marriage by temporarily installing national flags, showcasing the heritage of the couple and of the business.


Our Solution

Flagmakers’ team of highly skilled seamsters use the custom fabric from Tiffany & Co. to create excellent quality flags to display at the front of the London store. Each angle-headed flag is given a Bond Street Finish, which includes durable eyelets and Velcro openings for appropriate weighting.

To guarantee that Tiffany & Co. is always looking at its best, Flagmakers change their flags monthly. To maintain the quality and look of the branded flags, Flagmakers check, change, clean and repair the pieces every 4 weeks.

In 2018, Flagmakers produced two hand-sewn national flags for temporary display at Tiffany & Co. Honouring Prince Harry’s ancestry with a Union Jack, and Meghan’s nationality with the flag of the United States of America. These hand-sewn pieces were lovingly made to a superb standard, installed by Flagmakers, and retired following the week of the wedding.

Tiffany and co bond street

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