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Our products adorn the entrances of retail stores up and down the country. From high streets to shopping centres, we’ve produced flags and displays for every kind of shop you can imagine. Entice customers with eye catching promotions or create a luxurious shopping experience with sleek and professional brand recognition.

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Our clients in the retail sector are known for purchasing a wide range of flags, flagpoles and display solutions. Discover the most popular products and services which retail businesses make use of.

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Success Stories

Tiffany & Co.

We've been supplying and changing the flags at the gorgeous Tiffany & Co retail outlet on Bond Street for more than a decade.

Tiffany Wall Mounted Flagpole and Bespoke Flag


We've been the premium quality bespoke flag maker of choice for one of the world's most prestigious jewellers since 2013, and our flag change service ensures they always look great!

custom flag - cartier

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FAQs From Retailers

What is the standard size for a flag/flagpole?

The simple answer is there isn’t a standard size. Flags and flagpoles come in a range of sizes and we see lots of differences in the requirements of different customers.

Retail businesses usually opt for a wall-mounted flagpole which measures between 2 and 8 metres tall. Flags can be made to almost any size imaginable. Make sure you’re picking the right size for you by using our Flag /Flagpole comparison table here.

Can I change the colour of the flagpole?

Flagmakers flagpoles are primarily white. However, depending on the type of flagpole you’re purchasing, we can change the colour to match your branding or flag design.

If you choose a Vantage flagpole or Architectural flagpole, which are made from aluminium, you can pay for it to be repainted as a specific RAL colour. Flagpoles that are made from glass-fibre cannot have their colour altered.

Does the retail location need to seek planning permission before installing a flagpole?

Flagpoles up to 6 metres tall can usually be installed without the need to seek planning permission. However, different locations are subject to alternative regulations and restrictions. Contact your local planning department before installing a flagpole for your retail business.

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