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King Charles Royal Coronation Bunting

The coronation of King Charles III is just around the corner, scheduled to take place on Saturday 6th May. Coronation bunting is the perfect way to decorate your event or celebrations. Choose from the 4 unique designs available featuring the official Coronation emblem or the Royal Cypher.

Product Description

Get ready for the historic coronation of King Charles III using our bespoke coronation bunting. Handmade to premium quality, our bunting is the perfect addition to your decorations to celebrate the crowning of the United Kingdom’s new King. 

Mix and match your bunting design choices to create a wonderful, colourful royal themed bunting design to celebrate the coronation. 

Our bunting is created using our state-of-the-art print facility in Chesterfield, UK. The fabric we use is synthetic paper, providing excellent durability and a high-quality appearance.

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About Us

At Flagmakers, we have been making flags and bunting since 1837. We’re proud to supply luxury hand-made flags for a huge variety of organisations. From local businesses and sports clubs to some of the world’s most recognisable brands, we work with our clients to create custom pieces that are the perfect fit for their event display needs. 

Why is the Coronation important?

The coronation of King Charles III that takes place in May, 2023 is a celebration that has existed as a part of the UK monarchy for over 900 years. The ceremony is held at Westminster Abbey in London, where the new monarch will take an oath that promises to exercise their power with mercy and uphold the Church of England as the official head. Once the oath is completed, St Edward’s crown will be placed on the new sovereigns head by the Archbishop of Canterbury. 

Coronation Bunting is a great addition to help you celebrate this historic day. Throughout the UK and the Commonwealth Nations, celebrations will be held including home parties, street parties and larger-scale events in cities and towns. You can get involved too, whether you’re decorating your home, workplace or street, this durable bunting is an essential addition to your decorations. 

To learn more about decorating ready for the big event, why don’t you take a quick look at our blog on royal coronation decorations?

Coronation Bunting Frequently Asked Questions

Where should the Coronation bunting be placed?

Bunting is made using synthetic paper, making it perfect for installation indoor or outdoor. Where possible we recommend installing at eye level (of an adult) or above, this will ensure the best exposure and also not require working at heights. We would also suggest installing in areas away from high foot traffic to avoid any incidents.

When should Coronation bunting be installed?

There is no official protocol for when coronation items should be installed, however the build-up for King Charles III coronation will officially begin 4 weeks before the day, so it’s advised that you put up your Coronation flags and bunting around 2-4 weeks before the event. This falls anywhere between the 8th of April to the 22nd of April at the latest. 

Which Coronation bunting design should I choose?

The bunting featuring the official Coronation emblem would be the obvious choice, however this does restrict usage to this one event. If you are looking to reuse the bunting then our Union & Cypher or Union only designs may be a better option.

What is the lead time?

Our bunting is currently available on a 5-day lead time. Please note, due to demand these lead times may increase as we get closer to the Coronation weekend. The last date for ordering is Friday 28th April.

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