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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing The Right Flagpole

Flags and flagpoles have been used for thousands of years. From the earliest renditions made of wood to the surge in metal flagpoles from the early 1900s, flying a flag from a flagpole has been a long-held tradition for showing affiliation with a nation or organisation. But no flag can fly without a flag pole, and we’re here to give a deep dive into how you can choose the right flagpole, answer all your flagpole related questions.

The guide includes:

1. The Different Types and Use Cases Of Flagpoles

2. Flagpole Accessories You Should Consider

3. Flagpole Installation and Maintenance Advice

Read on to discover the key factors and considerations to bear in mind when choosing and maintaining your flagpole.

What Are The Different Types and Use Cases Of Flagpoles?

There are a myriad of different options for where to erect your flagpole, and what material you’d like to use. We analysed the Google search data for ‘flagpoles’, and here are the most popular searches. From wall mounted flagpoles to caravans, from forecourts to festivals - wherever you want to fly a flag, you’ll need to pick the right flagpole for your individual needs.

Wall Mounted Flagpoles

A wall mounted flagpole is the ideal flagpole solution for city centre venues or locations with limited space who still want to make an eye-catching statement, and we have  been solutions that adorn the walls of luxury hotels, government and embassy buildings, and some of the most recognised retail brands in the world for decades.

Wall-mounted flagpoles are frequently shorter than ground-mounted flagpoles and can be regarded as a less permanent approach to displaying a flag. So if you think that you might want to remove the flag at some point, this could be a suitable flagpole option for you

Short Wall Mounted Flagpole
Ceremonial Darkwood flagole

Wooden Flagpoles

Feeling old school? Or simply don’t want to use modern materials such as PVC and aluminimum for your flag pole? Well then, a wooden ceronomincal flagpole might be for you. The body of research into the history of flagpoles is limited, however, what we do know is that What we do know is that the first known flagpoles were made from wood. To make a pole, woodworkers would find a straight tree, prune its limbs and suckers, to create a pole. The pole was then inserted into the ground and a flag tied to the top.

Ceremonial wooden flagpoles can be used both indoors and outdoors and (when bought from the right supplier) emit a sophisticated and formal aesthetic. They are the sort of flagpoles that you’d expect to see in The White House briefing room, and if you are looking for an indoor solution - you can’t go far wrong choosing wood.

If you looking to erect a wooden flagpole outside, you’ll have more elements to consider. Quite literally, as you’ll have to account for the weather, and a faster rate of erosion than if you opt for an alternative material. That doesn’t mean that with proper care that you can’t erect a wooden flagpole outside - aslong as  you make time for regular inspections, varnishing, and light sanding.


Garden Flagpoles

Prior to digging, you should ensure that there are no utilities or powerlines below the area you intend to dig. Having found the ideal spot for your flagpole, make sure that you dig a deep enough hole to safely install it.

As a rule of thumb, you should dig a hole about 28 inches deep and 14 inches wide. With this method, you will have a hole wide enough and deep enough so that you can pour 180kgs of concrete into it, which is the recommended minimum amount to avoid a wobbly base.

Consider several different places where the flagpole might be installed before you pick one. Aside from distance from your house, you'll also want to think about wind circulation, tree cover, and water lines.

Oh, and make sure that you have permission - we wrote all about permission to fly your flags here.

If you are looking for a permanent garden flagpole, then our ground mounted flags are the perfect choice to fill your neighbours with envy, or add a regal touch to your garden estate or National Trust heritage site.

Glassfibre Flagpoles

Caravan Flagpoles

Perhaps you have been to a caravan park and noticed that many other caravans have their own flags on their caravan poles. Even though it's not a necessity, it's nice to personalise your caravan by sporting a custom flag.

Portability is crucial, especially if your flag pole reaches a long height. Caravan flagpoles that are best have the capability to collapse instead of just being a single pole.

Camping Flagpoles

Okay, so we’ll level with you - there’s very little difference between camping flagpoles and caravan flagpoles. The main difference is that you can display your flag next to your canvas accommodation rathan than your cabin on wheels. The most popular camping flagpoles are the portable telescopic type - flagpoles designed to be flexible in terms of height and easy to transport around the country. One hidden benefit of flying a flag above your abode is that you’ll be able to find your tent on the walk back from the pub.

Festival Flagpoles

Now the fun starts - festival flags are the counterculture opposite to war flags, with the aim of spreading joy and love, or simply writing a witty slogan or your groups names.

If you are a festival goer looking to be seen, heard, and remembered at the next big festival, when it finally comes around? Or even...just found by the right people among the crowd? Then you’ll most likely need a portable, handheld, telescopic flagpole. These handy contraptions make it easy to carry your flag around the festival and you can order them for about £10 on Amazon - which is a good news, as not all flags return from the likes of Glastonbury and Boomtown.

Once you’ve ordered your handheld flagpole - it’s time to design your flag. But, how do you make a festival flag? You can make your own festival flag at home by ordering a blank white flag and letting your DIY creative skills take centre stage: glitter, diamontes, and bright colours are strongly recommended.

If arts and crafts aren’t your thing then you can take a digital approach and design a custom flag online and upload your image to be printed for you. Free online design tools such as Canva can turn anyone into a grand designer. Our custom flag making service allows you to turn any design imaginable into a flag that you can fly with pride at your next festival. Once you have created your design, upload it to our simple form and choose your size and finishes and we’ll send you a quote within 48 hours  and start making your flag soon after.

If you are a festival organiser, rather than a festival reveller, then our ground mounted flags will be best suited for you. Festivals traditionally erect flags at the entrance to their festival - as a grand and eye catching first impression for party goers as they roll through the turnstiles. We have decades of experience in providing statement ground mounted flags for the live events industry, and no job is too big or too small.

Forecourt Flagpoles

Our forecourt flagpoles are perfect for car showrooms, garages and car washes as a method of garnering the attention of passersby and they are a simple, quick and easy way to brighten your forecourt.

With a distinctive and interchangeable flagpole for your forecourt, you can change your promotional messages and draw more customers. If you need any inspiration for crafting your marketing flags and their messaging then this blog from Hello Print which identifies the 7 rules for effective flag design for marketers is a useful place to start.

Flagpole Accessories To Consider

Once you have decided on your flagpole - it’s time to start thinking about some of the accessories you might want, or need to help keep your flagpole secure, and your flag flying high. Ropes, lights, clamps - it’s all about the accessories.

Flagpole Ropes

Do you know your knots? Flagpole ropes have been designed to meet the specifications required within the flagpole industry. The cords are typically made from a polyethylene cover for abrasion resistance and a polyester centre core providing strength, a performance product with low stretch and superb stability. You might want to consider ordering a spare line of rope for in case of emergencies.

Flagpole Led Lights

If you are thinking of adding additional accessories to your flagpole or want to brighten up any space indoors or outdoors than look no further than LED waterproof flagpole lights.

You should be able to find a set of spectacular waterproof LED light strips online with all the bells and whistles: changing patterns, colors and speeds. When ordering LED lights for your flagpole it is important to make sure that they are suitable for whatever the weather might through at you. Most flagpole LED lights are made from materials which are incredible tough but not indestructible. A good rule of thumb is to take your flagpole (and accompanying lights) down in strong wind conditions of over 15 miles per hour you take them down and store them in a safe, dry environment to prevent any damage that could be caused to the light.

Flagpole Holders

Fixed flagpole bases and brackets offer a permanent flagpole fixing solution. Our permanent flagpole bases are designed to display your flagpole for a long period of time and make sure that your flagpole remains secure and safe.

Flagpole Sleeve Clamps

Ground sleeves are required to safely mount your flagpoles and failure to correctly install a ground sleeve could be dangerous and irresponsible. Typically, the vast majority of the sleeve sits underground to provide a stable base for the the flagpole to then be mounted into. Once the sleeve is fitted securely the flagpole is then inserted into the mount. Finally the small sleeve we see above ground is bolted into position to secure the two components. At Flagmakers, we specialise in providing heavy duty ground sleeves for vantage flagpoles, and we also have a lightweight ground sleeve solution for our budget flag range (or similar smaller flagpoles).

Flagpole Cleaner

Our flagpole cleaner is the perfect addition to your flagpole kit. This innovative new product is designed to eliminate the need to lower the flagpole to clean it. This specially designed cleaner makes removing any grubby marks as simple as raising your flag.

The cleaner is shaped so it will adapt to fit to any pole as the two cleaner arms wrap around the pole. The inside of the cleaning arms features a cleaning sponge which lifts the dirt from the flagpole.

The cleaner comes complete with a water hose which attaches to the main cleaning unit to ensure the best possible clean. It is advisable that for rough or dirty surfaces (e.g. algae) cleaning products are added to the water to assist the cleaner is removing ground-in dirt.

This system is suitable for flagpoles up to 10m in height and will help to ensure your flagpoles longevity. The simplicity of the design means you can simply attach the cleaner to you halyard the next time you lower you flag.

Flagpole Travel Bags

To ensure your flagpole is cared for we strongly recommend choosing a transport and carry bag set as an excellent way to protect and organise your product. By choosing a bag will help give maximum longevity to your flagpoles lifespan whilst protecting it from any dints and scrapes. At Flagmakers, we have two options of travel bag, one for larger event flagpoles, and a more lightweight carry bag for portable telescopic flagpoles.

Flagpole Installation and Maintenance Considerations

Okay - so we now have a flagpole, and a range of flagpole accessories, but now it’s time to install your flagpole. As ever, this process should not be rushed - especially if you are looking to install a heavy duty flagpole that requires ground excavation. Permission, installation and maintenance  are all crucial considerations for successfully erectkng and maintaining your flagpole and flags.


Permission is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when considering erecting a flagpole, however, you do need planning permission to display certain types of flags. To install a flagpole permanently, you will need planning permission from your local council.

Under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, flags come with the definition of an ‘advertisement’, and their display is controlled by the Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) Regulations 1992. However, under Schedule 2 of the regulations, the national flag of any country, including the Union Flag, is exempt from advertisement control provided ‘Each flag is flown from a single vertical pole and neither the flag nor the displays any advertisement additional to the design of the flag’.

Our experience is that in general planning permission is straightforward to obtain, particularly if there are other poles in the area which form a precedent. Our flagpole team can help you with this and provide all the information you will need for your application.


No flag can fly without a properly installed flag pole, but how can you make your flag pole sturdy? We covered this topic at length in our recent blog about flag pole installation  - however it all starts with proper planning. One area to pay particular attention to for example is the location of your flagpole - aside from aesthetics, the location will have an impact on the security and structural integrity of your flagpole.


The UK is a country that expects more rain, snow, storms, and strong wind conditions than most, so we thought that we'd cover some of the basics to help prepare your flagpole for strong weather conditions. We previously covered this topic in a blog post here, but if a storm is coming then you must take down your flag and properly secure any external features such as the external halyard.


Your flagpole is there to make a statement. And an unused or badly maintained flagpole in front of your business, site or premises can make all the wrong kind of statements. You can maintain your flagpole yourself, or instead opt for professional flagpole inspection and maintenance.

At Flagmakers, we have been providing flag maintenance services for businesses all around the country. Choose from intervals of 6 or 12 months where our dedicated team will visit your site, clean the flagpole, examine all fixtures and fittings, and swap out weathered elements for new ones. We will never leave a flagpole with fatigued or weakened parts. Each service looks at every detail of your flagpole and ensures they meet our (and your) high standards.

Summary: Choosing The Right Flagpole For You

The main takeaway when it comes to flagpole selection is the variety of flagpoles on offer, whether it is a 10m mammoth for £1,000+, or a tiny handheld telescopic pole for under a tenner. The boring answer is that the best flagpole for you will depend on your unique set of circumstances and needs.

Not sure where to start? You can give us a call on 01246472949  or send us an email outlining your needs and we’ll provide a free consultation that’ll help you work out the perfect flag set up for you or your business.

Flagmakers Flagpole Installation and Maintenance Services

Are you reading this blog and thinking that maybe you might want to consider outsourcing your flagpole installation needs? Flagmakers is a leading UK specialist in the production and installation of flagpoles. Whether you’re looking for one or a number of flagpoles, we can manufacture and install them at your location, and provide ongoing maintenance for years of trouble-free usage.

Our fully trained team (IOSH, CSCS & IPAF qualified) have decades of experience and are on hand to supply painless solutions to your flag and flagpole needs. As each location has its own requirements, our extensive site survey ensures there are no unforeseen problems or expenses when we begin the flagpole installation.

Every one of our site surveys includes:

  • Site access checks
  • CAT scanning for buried utilities
  • Overhead obstruction checks
  • Foundation type assessment
  • Bracket position and wall suitability check for wall mounted poles

We provide an easy to read report including:

  • Risk assessment
  • Method statement
  • Requirements for earthmoving equipment
  • Volumes for concrete foundations

Flagpoles can be installed on the ground, on the side, or on the top of a building. You can count on us to advise you on what system will work best for your needs. As well as the brackets and fixings necessary for the safe, secure installation of your flagpole, we can also work at all the common angles you're considering.

At Flagmakers, not only do we offer installation services but we also offer a flagpole maintenance service to keep your flagpole sturdy all year round. Choose from intervals of 6 or 12 months where our dedicated team will visit your site, clean the flagpole, examine all fixtures and fittings, and swap out weathered elements for new ones. Leaving a flagpole with fatigued or damaged parts is never an option. Each service looks at every detail of your flagpole and ensures they meet our high standards, so you no longer have to worry about whether you will be able to fly your flag or not.

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