4 Ways to Prepare Your Flagpole for Strong Wind Conditions

The sunny optimism with which we started 2021, was about as long lasting as the bright winter weather of January. Now as extreme weather continues to hit all parts of the United Kingdom, it is crucial that you keep your flagpole and hardware in the best condition possible.

If the Met Office issues a weather warning for your part of the country, especially relating to strong gusts of wind, we recommend that you take appropriate preventative action. If you’re expecting winds exceeding Beaufort Scale 6 (31mph; 27 knots; 14ms), Flagmakers suggest you make suitable preparations.

As the country expects more rain, snow, storms, and strong wind conditions over the coming weeks, here are some of the best ways to prepare for tougher weather and to reduce any unnecessary exertions on your flagpoles.

Take Down your Flags.

Whilst Flagmakers does all we can to create curable and long-lasting flags, the effects of wind and weather can leave them in need of maintenance and repairs. By taking down your flags during high wind speeds and bad weather, you can extend the lifespan of your flags.

Taking down your flags also stops any unnecessary strain being applied to your flagpole. Continuing to fly a flag in strong winds can add undue stress to the flagpole and contribute to damage ranging from minor cosmetic concerns to long term structural issues.

Take a look at our guide for caring for your flags or explore the benefits of our Flag change service, where Flagmakers can lower, repair and take care of all your flags and standards.

Wall Mounted Flagpole
White Cleat

Secure other external features

In addition to removing the flag from the flagpole, we suggest you ensure all external elements of the flagpole are safe and secure. Features such as an external halyard are an essential part of the flagpole but could easily be disrupted or damaged from strong winds. A loose halyard can end up being tangled and knotted, which would be difficult to unravel once the wind has stopped, or worse pose a safety hazard as it whips around in the wind.

To guarantee the halyard stays safe and secure, you can either remove it with the flag, or ensure you tie it tightly round the flagpole cleat. To finish off, we suggest a triple fisherman’s knot, which is ideal for a thin and slippery cord. This knot provides a secure, safe, and a clean look until you are ready use the halyard again.  

Choosing the right installation

Unlike our first two tips, this is something you should consider much earlier. When looking to erect a flagpole at your location, it is imperative to look at all the different options and pick the most suitable for you.

Based on variants such as obstructions or the ground its being installed in, or even the average weather of the location, you could be better off choosing one type of flagpole over another. Explore the full range of flagpoles from Flagmakers and speak to our team of experts to find the perfect fit for you.

We provide information about preparing a suitable foundation or effectively installing brackets with every flagpole purchased. We recommended you choose the Flagmakers installation team who can deliver and install your flagpole for you. Our engineers have years of experience, are used to working at height, and hold the relevant industry certificates permitting them to install competently. Most of our flagpoles are supplied with installation added, giving much-needed reassurance to the owner that their flagpole will remain safe. Speak to our sales team to learn more.

Ground Mounted Flagpoles

Lower your flagpole.

If you are using a hinged base flagpole or a tabernacle flagpole, you have the choice to lower your flagpole as well as the flag and external features. These types of fixture offer flexibility that can be used to protect your flagpole in high wind speeds and other extreme weather conditions. Choosing these bases for your flagpoles makes installation and maintenance much easier and enables the pole to be lowered with ease for cleaning.

As you take down and put up your flagpole, it is important to take care. Not only with the safety of your team and your location but ensuring your flagpole and all fixtures are in the best condition possible. This can be achieved with a regular flagpole service. Flagmakers offers regular Flagpole maintenance from trained experts who will examine every detail of your flagpole and ensure they meets the high standards your flagpole deserves.

Explore the full range of flagpoles, from portable and temporary, to long term structures, and contact the sales team to learn more about the right solution for you.

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