How Do You Keep a Flagpole From Clanging?

There is nothing more peaceful and serene than watching a flag flap gently in the wind, however, the noise created by flags can sometimes disturb neighbours, especially in windy conditions where the halyard and shackles clang against the flags’ metal pole.

But, how do I keep my flagpole from clanging? The potential for noise can be reduced by tying the hoisting rope securely to the flagpole, covering up any shackles, metal buckles, dog clips or rings on the flag with tape, and checking the flag pole regularly.

Read on to find out more about why flagpoles are so noisy and how you can reduce the likelihood of your flag making a racket.

Keeping Your Flagpole From Clanging

Your flag is meant to fill people with joy, not with dread from the sounds of clanging throughout the day and the night. Fortunately, there are actionable steps you can take to keep the peace.

If you're struggling to enjoy the sound of your flag flapping gently in the breeze amid the constant clinking of metal on metal, then you’ll want to take measures to ensure there are no loose or uncovered metal snap hooks and weights. Snap hook covers are a great way to reduce noise and help to prolong the life of your snap hooks.

When it comes to rope weights, it is also possible to wrap these in fabric to reduce the noise from the weight clanging against the pole. Alternatively, you can use retainer rings to hold the weights in place to mitigate clanking.

They say that prevention is better than a cure. One of the main causes of clanging flagpoles is high winds, and as such, if you are aware of strong wind conditions on the horizon then you can take preventive measures to a) protect your flagpole's structural integrity, and B) avoid a prolonged period of clanging. For more information, check out our guide on How To Prepare Your Flagpole For Strong Wind Conditions here.

Why Are Flagpoles So Noisy?

For the uninitiated, it might seem strange to think a flag could make so much noise. However, if you’ve ever had the experience of trying to sleep next to a large flagpole in strong wind conditions then you’ll know all too well that these flags can cause quite the stir and result in a sleepless night.

There are a few causes for the unfortunate noise caused by flying your flag. The first cause of noise pollution is clanging in the inner section of the flagpole from snap hooks and rope weights chiming against the metal pole during high wind conditions. This is the primary cause of noisy flagpoles and is the main reason for noise complaints from neighbours.

Often, the bigger the flag and flagpole the greater the noise it can emit. For this reason, you might need to get planning permission depending on the type and size of the flag you plan to erect. For more information regarding the need for planning permission to install your flag check out our latest blog on the topic, ‘Do I Need Planning Permission To Put Up a Flagpole?’.

The second, and somewhat unavoidable noise caused by your flag is not a result of metal clips and weights clanging inside the metal pole, but rather the flag itself, flapping in the wind. When a flag whips in the wind it can become somewhat of a disturbance. While any material will cause some flapping sounds, nylon tends to be noisier than polyester. The fly end of a polyester flag will hold up better than a nylon flag if the fly end is constantly whipping, so if you are wanting to reduce noise to the greatest extent possible then a polyester flag might just be your best bet.

But can you stop flag noise completely?

How to Stop Flagpole Noise

While it is impossible to silence your flagpole completely, as already discussed, there are methods and hacks that you can use to reduce the chances of disturbing your neighbours' sleeping routines.

From choosing the right flag material to attaching snap hook covers, there are actionable steps you can take to reduce the noise your flagpole emits. One of the most important steps you can take is to make sure that you have properly installed your flagpole from day one, and that your flagpole and flag are properly maintained throughout the course of their lifetime.

The Importance of Flagpole Installation & Maintenance

No flag can fly without a properly installed flagpole, but how can you make your flagpole sturdy? We covered this topic at length in our recent blog about flag pole installation, however, it all starts with proper planning. One area to pay particular attention to for example is the location of your flagpole. Aside from aesthetics, the location will have an impact on the security and structural integrity of your flagpole.

Flagpole Installation & Servicing at Flagmakers

Are you reading this blog and thinking that maybe you might want to consider outsourcing your flagpole installation or maintenance needs? Perhaps your flag is making too much noise? Or flapping too much in the wind?

At Flagmakers, we are the UK’s leading provider of flagpole manufacturing and installation services. Our team can manufacture and install flagpoles at your location, and provide ongoing maintenance for years of trouble-free operation.

We offer painless solutions to your flag and flagpole installation needs with our flagpole installation service. Our fully trained (IOSH, CSCS & IPAF qualified) staff. In order to avoid unforeseen problems or expenses once the flagpole installation begins, we conduct an extensive site survey at each location.

Each of our site surveys includes the following:

  • Site access checks
  • CAT scanning for buried utilities
  • Overhead obstruction checks
  • Foundation type assessment
  • Bracket position and wall suitability check for wall-mounted poles

We provide an easy-to-read report including:

  • Risk assessment
  • Method statement
  • Requirements for earthmoving equipment
  • Volumes for concrete foundations

Flagpoles can be mounted on the ground, on the side, or on the top of a building. Our team of experts can help you determine what system is right for you. Besides providing the brackets and fixings necessary for a safe, secure installation of your flagpole, we can also work at all the common angles.

Not only do we provide installation services, but we also offer a flagpole maintenance service so that your flagpole stays sturdy throughout the year. In intervals of 6 or 12 months, our dedicated team will visit the site, clean the flagpole, examine all fixtures and fittings, and replace weathered elements with new ones. Failing to replace worn or damaged parts on a flagpole is never an option. We inspect every detail of your flagpole to ensure it meets our high standards, so you no longer have to worry about whether your flag will fly.

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