Mexico Flag, Worlds Largest Flag

Size still matters - largest ever flag flown in Mexico!

It should be no surprise that here at Flagmakers, we love flags. It is our enthusiasm for flags that also led us to find a keen interest in world records. The one in particular that has caught our eye is the news of a record-breaking flag. What could be more suited for us?

According to the Guinness World Records, the largest flag ever flown was the Mexican national flag, which measured 34.4 metres high by 60 metres wide (which is 112 feet by 196 feet wide). This enormous flag was flown in the Mexican city of Piedras Negas, Coahuila from a flagpole that reached more than 100m high (328ft).

The flag was flown during a particularly windy day in December 2011, showing the full effect as it waved across the skyline. The patriotism and respect the citizens have for the flag was shared by everyone who could see the flag.

This flag joined several other large flags that fly across Mexico as part of a cultural program from 1999 which saw flags and flagpoles erected at the locations of significant events in Mexican history. The ‘Banderas monumentales’ boast not only size but impressive altitudes above sea level to promote Mexican culture and history.


On 2nd November 2017, this world record was broken and confirmed by the Guinness Book of Records.

The largest flag to be flown is now the title held by Trident Support Flagpoles and Sharjah Investment and Development Authority. They manufactured the flag and flagpole which would fly the national flag of the United Arab Emirates from a 123m (403ft) flagpole on the Flag Island in Sharjah.

The flag measured 35m by 70m (114.8ft by 229.7ft) and was officially certified as the largest flag flown with a total area of 2,448.56 square metres.

Mexico Flag, Worlds Largest Flag

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