Largest Flagpoles in the World

For a long time, locations around the world have entered into a fierce competition to claim the achievement of ‘largest flagpole in the world’. As flagpoles are a superb tool for creating an impression, what better impression can you make than showing off with a record-breaking and world-renowned title.

The 21st Century has seen several contenders compete, and erect bigger and bigger flagpoles in different countries. As each one was built and opened, flying enormous flags which also broke records, the title of the largest flagpole in the world has changed hands regularly.

Learn about the tallest flagpoles, flying the biggest flags, by checking out this list of the 6 largest flagpoles in the world. From the contentious battle to be number one, to the historical and cultural importance of each one.

6 – Aqaba Flagpole, Jordan

The Aqaba Flagpole was built in 2004 and officially opened on October 3rd of that year. As one of the tallest flagpoles in the world, it can be seen from neighbouring countries Israel, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.

The free-standing flagpole has a height of 130m (426ft) and flies the flag of the Arab Revolt. This enormous flag measures 20m by 40m (65ft by 131ft) and was made to commemorate the Great Arab Revolt from the Ottoman Empire in 1916. The flag is often confused with the national flag of Jordan but does not contain the white star in the red chevron. This flagpole is seen as a symbol of representing the freedom of the Jordanian people.

Aqaba Flagpole, Jordan
Ashgabat Flagpole, Turkmenistan

5 – Ashgabat Flagpole, Turkmenistan

The Ashgabat Flagpole was erected on 26th June 2008. As part of the showmanship of the Turkmenistan capital, the flagpole was built to show the world the accomplishments of the Turkmen. Overtaking the Aqaba flagpole, it entered the competition to be the tallest flagpole in the world.

At 133m (436ft) tall, the flagpole flies the national flag for Turkmenistan and joins several other towering structures in the city to celebrate the history and culture of Turkmenistan. The Neutrality Monument is an arch built in 1998 and boasts a height of 95m (312ft) and the Independence Monument, which was built in 2001, which is 118m (387ft) tall.

4 – Panmunjom Flagpole, North Korea

The fourth tallest flagpole in the world was built to outdo South Korea. When South Korea erected a 98m (321ft) flagpole, the North Korean village of Kijong-dong responded by constructing an even taller structure which carried an even bigger flag.

At 160m (524ft), the Panmunjom flagpole was the largest flagpole in the world until 2010. The flagpole flies the North Korean national flag, which weighs more than 270kg (595lbs) because of its size. This huge flag added to the grand nature of the flagpole and remains an imposing part of the Korean Demilitarised Zone.

Panmunjom Flagpole, North Korea
National Flag Square, Azerbaijan

3 – National Flag Square, Azerbaijan

Holding the title of World’s Tallest Flagpole in the Guinness Book of Records from 2010 to 2011, the mast was a focal point of the National Flag Square, in Baku – the capital city of Azerbaijan. An integral part of the opening ceremony for the city square in September 2010, the flagpole was a feature alongside the state symbols of Azerbaijan and a map of the country.

The flagpole overtook the Panmunjom Flagpole and boasts a height of 162m (531ft). The flagpole displays an extremely large version of the national flag of Azerbaijan, measuring 35m by 70m (114ft by 229ft).

2 – Dushanbe Flagpole, Tajikistan

Completed in April 2011, the Dushanbe Flagpole is the second-largest flagpole in the world. It is located in front of the Palace of Nations in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. The flagpole flies the National flag of Tajikistan and held the world record of the tallest flagpole in the world between 2011 and 2014.

Originally designed in 2009, the flagpole was constructed from 12-metre sections of steel tube and was assembled by crane. The flagpole flies a 30m by 60m (98ft by 196ft) flag of Tajikistan weighing more than 700kg (1543 lbs). Costing more than $3.5million and was a featured part of the projects celebrating Tajik independence from 1991 onwards.

Dushanbe Flagpole, Tajikistan
Jeddah Flagpole, Saudi Arabia

1 – Jeddah Flagpole, Saudi Arabia

The largest flagpole in the world is a title currently held by the Jeddah flagpole in King Abdullah Square, in the commercial centre of Saudi Arabia. Since it was erected in September 2014, this free-standing flagpole has been surrounded by 13 lights which represent the 13 emirates (regions) of Saudi Arabia.

Made from more than 500 tons of steel, the flagpole was built in three stages and stands at 171 metres (561ft) high. The Jeddah flagpole proudly flies the Saudi Arabian flag which measures 33m by 49.5m (108ft by 162ft) and weighs over 570kg (1260 lbs).

Have you visited any of these spectacular sites? Let us know and feel free to send across any images of other tall and large flagpoles you know of.

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