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Our Azerbaijan flags are made in the traditional 2:1 ratio used for National flags in the UK so this flag will match others of the same size if you are flying several flags together. We use a MOD grade Knitted Polyester which has been tested for its durability and suitability for production of flags.


The flag of Azerbaijan is mentioned two times in the Azerbaijan national anthem and is in the Constitution.

Technical Specifications

9th November 1918, revived 5th February 1991
A tricolour of blue, red and greed with a white crescent and eight-pointed star.
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Brief History

The first flag of Azerbaijan was created when The Azerbaijan Democratic Republic claimed independence from the Transcaucasion Democratic Republic on the 26th of May 1918. It was a simple red flag with a white crescent and eight-pointed star. This flag was soon replaced on November 9, 1918 with the blue-red-green modern tricolour.

The First Flag of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan (26th May – 9th November 1918)

The Second Flag of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan (1918 – 1920)

Between 1922 and 1936 the Azerbaijani SSR joined with other Soviet states to become the Transcaucasian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic.  During this time it shared the same flag as the Georgian SSR and the Armenian SSR.

During its time under Soviet rule it had many different flags, all of which were very similar and only had minute changes. The Soviet flag was chosen in 1952 that featured the Soviet hammer and sickle in the left and side and a blue horizontal stripe at the bottom of the red flag. It remained till Azerbaijan’s independence.

In 1991 The Second Flag of the Democratic republic of Azerbaijan that that was used from 1918 to 1920 was revived as the national flag of newly independent Azerbaijan. This flag is also used for the civil, state and navel ensign.

In 2007 a National Flag Square was created in Baku with one of the worlds tallest unsupported flagpoles. In 2010 a museum dedicated to the flag was created next to the flagpole in the square. Azerbaijan celebrates the flag with an official Flag day on 9th November, the date when the flag was originally adopted in 1918.

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