Largest Flagpoles in the World – Aqaba Flagpole

Jordan Flag vs Arab Revolt FlagFeaturing, the 137 metre tall flagpole which is currently the fifth largest unsupported flagpole in the world (was tallest when installed). With a flagpole this large the flag has to withstand extra pressure from winds and its own weight – with the flag been a whopping 20 x 40 metres to be in proportion with the super-sized flagpole. The giant flag and flagpole was erected in Aqaba, Jordan and can be seen for miles around including from neighbouring Egypt. The enormous flag was installed to commemorate the Great Arab Revolt in 1916 against the Ottoman Turkish Empire. The leader of the revolt was Sharif Hussein Bin Ali, the great grandfather of Jordan’s current king, Abdullah II. The flagpole doesn't actually host the flag of Jordan – from afar you could miss the difference, and it is often mistakenly believed to be the Jordanian flag! The flag of Jordan features a white star within the red triangle of the flag. However this star does not feature on the flag flown from the Aqaba flagpole. The flag without the star is recognised as a symbol representing the Great Arab Revolt, hence the significance of the revolt in the flagpole installation. It could be said the flagpole has become a significant symbol in representing the freedom of the Jordanian people, which may also have been a reason for its epic size in expressing a new Jordan. [gallery link="file" ids="|,|,|"] The spectacular Aqaba flagpole had formally held the title of the tallest in world until the giant Jeddah Flagpole standing at 171m was erected in Saudi Arabia. Maintenance is never easy on these super poles! There is actually a two person lift inside the pole in Jordan which enables engineers to regularly replace torn or worn flags. The flagpole also has a live video feed camera mounted on the top, which certainly gives a stunning view.

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