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From prestigious historical locations to popular tourist spots, we’ve produced flags and signage for admired destinations up and down the country. Whether you’re looking to boost brand awareness, promote an event, or give directions and instructions, we have a range of mounting styles to choose from. Establish your venue as a place of importance with beautifully designed flags that show off culture, history, and significance.

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Attractions and Landmark buildings are some of our most loyal customers. We’ve proudly produced a wide range of work for different locations and institutions including custom pieces and iconic designs. Explore some of the most common requests we get from the tourism industry.

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Ground Mounted Flagpoles

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the standard size for a flag/flagpole?

Here at Flagmakers, we do not have a ‘standard’ size. Flags and flagpoles come in a range of sizes and we see lots of differences in the requirements of different customers. We can produce a flag and flagpole at the size and scale that best suits your location.

Heritage and culture locations usually opt for a wall-mounted or ground-mounted flagpole which range from 2 metres to 10 metres tall. We can produce flags at almost any size imaginable. Discover the flagpole that suits your venue or location using our comparison chart.

Do I need to produce my own artwork?

If you’re able to, providing us with a bespoke design and exact specifications can help us produce your custom flag. If you need help with the design, we can assist you with your artwork requirements, or provide you with templates and guidance. Read more about our artwork guidelines here.

If you’re looking for a design that already exists, such as a national flag, you often do not need to provide us with artwork. Speak to the team when enquiring about whether we need anything further from you.

How long does a flag last for? / How often should I replace the flag?

The longevity of your flag is highly dependent on the way it is cared for. A flag that is flown in all weathers and for longer periods of time will unsurprisingly have a shorter life expectancy than one that is treated well, taken down in bad weather, and given extra attention such as anti-fray netting or regular changing.

Learn more about how to care for your flag in our free guide.

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