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Flag Solutions For The Hotel Industry

The Hotel industry is an industry where quality and reputation are paramount.

When you order a flag from Flagmakers, you’re getting more than just a flag. You are dealing with the UK’s longest established flag maker, guaranteeing the expertise, care, and attention that goes into making each flag. We proudly supply some of the world's most prestigious hotel groups, government embassies, and national landmarks and trusts.

Flags and Flagpoles for Hotels

Our flags fly high at the entrances of luxury boutiques to 5-star hotel chains known world-wide, such as The Hilton and Claridges.  We make it our business to help create a superb first impression for your guests, with national flags and branded signage as they walk through the door, because as we all know - first impressions count.

With over 150 years of experience making flags for many industries, Flagmakers has developed a complete range of flags, and flag installation solutions. Opt for beautiful indoor ceremonial flag poles to display in reception rooms, or our vantage aluminium wall mounted flagpoles for an outdoor showpiece that is bound to turn heads.

Our Most Popular Hotel Products

We count many hotels and other accommodation services as loyal customers and whilst every hotel display is unique, these are the flags and accessories that are most popular with our clients in the hotel sector:

United Kingdom

45 Degree Wall Flagpole

Wall Mounted Flagpoles

Bond Street Custom Flags

Corporate Flags

Flag Change Service

Success Stories

We love seeing our flags adorning the walls of many of the UK’s most revered institutions. You can take a deeper dive into the case studies of our work with hotels such as Brown’s Hotel and Mandarin Oriental, Hyde Park.

Brown’s Hotel

Flagmakers supplies national and bespoke flags for Brown’s Hotel. These flags are lovingly hand-sewn to create a beautifully detailed standard that can be flown inside, or at the hotel's entrance.

bespoke flags - Browns hotel

Mandarin Oriental

With Hyde Park on one side & Knightsbridge on the other, the Mandarin Oriental is a stunning hotel that promises extravagance and richness.

National and bespoke flags - Mandarin Hotel

FAQs From The Hotel Industry

What is the standard size for a hotel flag/flagpole?

The simple answer is there isn’t a standard size. Flags and flagpoles come in a range of sizes and we see lots of differences in the requirements of different customers.

Hotels usually opt for a wall-mounted or ground-mounted flagpole which range from 2 metres to 10 metres tall. We can produce flags at almost any size imaginable. Compare which flag sizes are the most suitable for different types of flagpole using our Matching table here.

Can I change the colour of the flagpole?

Our flagpoles are white as standard. However, depending on the type of flagpole you’re purchasing, we can change the colour.

Flagpoles made from aluminium (Vantage flagpoles and Architectural flagpoles) can be repainted to a specific RAL colour. Those flagpoles made from glass-fibre can not have their colour altered.

Does the Hotel need to seek planning permission before installing a flagpole?

In our experience, flagpoles up to 6 metres high do not need planning permission. However, as different buildings have varying restrictions, and councils can differ in their regulations, we advise that you contact your local planning department before installing a flag or flagpole.

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