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The International Code of Signals is used throughout the Marine Industry & Navy to communicate between vessels at sea or ashore.

Code flags are also used by Yacht and Sailing clubs to make signals to Racing Yachts. They are a popular way of ‘dressing’ a yacht for a special occasion. Available in a range of sizes, as individual pennants or as a complete set of 41 with a roll-up carry case.

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Complimentary Products

Architectural Aluminium Flagpoles

Available in sizes 6-12m or larger on request, hinged or fixed base and studding, internal or external halyard, vertical bracket available, for outdoor use

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Glass Fibre Flagpoles

Available in sizes 6-12m or larger on request, rotating arm available, internal or external halyard, for outdoor use

£220.46 View Product

Union (United Kingdom)

Introduced in 1801, the flag of the UK is an amalgamation of the flags of England, Scotland and Ireland. The flag of Wales is notably absent because at the time…

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Scotland (St Andrews)

Also known as The Saltire, the use of the Scottish flag was first recorded circa 1542. The flags blue field has varied in shades over time, owing to changes in…

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Wales (Dragon)

The dragon on the Welsh flag is badge of Cadwalader, King of Gwynedd in Wales from 655 to 682 AD, little is known of this reign. The dragon sits on the Tudor co…

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England (St George's Cross)

The association between a red cross and England can be traced back to the middle ages. It depicts the St Georges cross and became a component of the Union Jack…

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