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First introduced in 1818, 1820 and 1861, the official flag of Argentina shows a light field with a horizontal white band representing the sky parting to reveal clouds. In the centre is the Sol de Mayo, meaning the sun in May. The Sol de Mayo is a recognition of Argentina's past, with this symbol being the engraving on the first Argentinian coin in 1813, during the country’s War of Independence. It is believed that the design of this flag was chosen to represent the sky and sun, with the white horizontal band used to represent the clouds.

Product Description

The Argentina flag can be digitally printed or hand embroidered, ready for mounting on a flagpole.

Our recommendation for your flag is hand sewn national flags. Using 155gsm woven flag material that has been approved by the Ministry of Defence, these flags offer the best durability and have been used by the Navy and other military branches for years.

To create the official Argentina pattern, our skilled flagmakers cut panels of the required colours from a roll of fabric, and then sew them together to create hand-sewn Argentina national flags. For national flag designs with complex details, a printed panel or badge is added to the main field.

Hand sewn Argentina national flags are made to MoD & Flag Institute standard patterns by cutting panels of the required colours from a roll of fabric, before being sewn together by our skilled flagmakers to create the official Argentina pattern. National flag designs with complex details will have a printed panel or badge added to the main field of the flag.

Dye-sublimated Argentina national flags are created using our state-of-the-art textile print systems and woven polyester flag fabric in our UK manufacturing facility. Chosen for strength and durability, knitted polyester is an ideal choice for anybody looking for a good value national flag finished ready to fly from your flagpole.

The Argentina national flag is finished by hand with a headband rope and toggle as standard, ready to attach directly to a flagpole. The three exposed sides of the flag are finished with a strong double hem and a triple sewn hem on the fly edge for extra durability.

Other finishes are available, please be sure to select the correct option for you or contact a member of our team for support.

The Argentine Flag in Sports

The Argentine flag is commonly used in sports events to represent the country and its people. This includes events such as the World Cup, the Olympics or Polo where the flag is used to represent and support athletes and fans alike. As a symbol of pride, the flag portrays Argentina’s own independence while also showcasing the unity and alliances with other South American nations, such as Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, and more. 

The Argentina Flag for the 2022 World Cup

Argentina is one of the 32 national teams competing in the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. The Argentinian team will be looking to showcase their football skills in the tournament and advance to the knockout stage. 

Argentina’s Matches in the FIFA World Cup
  • 22nd November - Argentina vs Saudi Arabia 
  • 26th November - Argentina vs Mexico
  • 30th November - Argentina vs Poland 

The FIFA World Cup is the largest football tournament in the world. Showcase your support for Argentina and their players using our Argentina Flag.

Order Your Argentina Flag Today

Looking to show your support for Argentina at the upcoming FIFA World Cup? Or for another cause altogether? Flagmakers has you covered, with custom-made Argentina flags perfect for waving in support of your team. Whether you want a small flag to take to the game or a large one to fly from your house or offices, we have plenty of options available. So get ready to cheer on the Netherlands in style – order your flag from us today.

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What size flag do I need?

All our national flags are available in international standard sizes. If you're intending on flying your flag from a flagpole you can use this handy guide to help you choose the right size flag for your pole.

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