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Flag Extender Kit

All-in-one product containing flag, extender, weight, and burgee. Keeps flags flying even with little or no breeze. Great for keeping your corporate design on show at all times.

Product Description

This is the all-in-one product containing digitally-printed portrait flag, with Flag Extender rod, weight, and bungee. This system transforms any standard flagpole into a permanent display regardless of wind strength.

A Portrait Flag and a Flag Extender is a great option if you want to get your message across without worrying about low winds flapping the flag. This Product includes: Digitally printed flag to the artwork of your choice Flag Extender Rod Flag Weight and Tensioning bungee Portrait flags will fly in a lighter breeze than an equivalent landscape flag and usually offer greater scope for artwork design. Choose between the different sizes available in the options above. Unlike conventional rotating arms fixed to the top of the pole, Flag Extender is simply hoisted with the flag requiring no special pole and allowing easy change of the flag.

Flags must be sewn specially to fit Flag Extender and we offer a range of standard sizes, all printed to your artwork and ready to use. Flag Extender is re-usable so no need to buy a new one when your flag is ready for replacement. Replacement Rods, Weights and bungees can be bought separately if required.

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