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9 Ft Art Silk Cords and Tassels

High quality 9" art silk tassels available in gold or red, white and blue. Ideal for parade and ceremonial functions

Product Description

These are ceremonial cords are designed to be fitted to the finial of our ceremonial flagpoles to complete the finished effect.

The tassels can be purchased in either gold, or red, white and blue, and are made from a quality artificial silk material with attractive tassel ends. Our range of tassels are ideal for ceremonial and parade events. The gold tassels are a perfect colour match to the tassels used to finish our beautiful Royal British Legion Standards, meaning you get a professional finish to complete the standard. The red, white and blue tassels are the best choice to complete your parade Union Jack Standard set.

Both sets of tassels are 9 feet long, which is a standardised length. Once fitted to the standard the tassels sit neatly by the side of the flag standard adding a real finishing touch.

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