How do we make a Union Flag?

We’re releasing some handy new video guides showing how we manufacture some of our popular and more specialist flags. Starting with of course the Union Flag, Flagmakers wanted to give you a unique insight into what we do and the detail and effort which goes into every one of our flags.

This video guides you through the manufacture of a Flagmakers sewn Union Jack Flag. Our flags are fully manufactured at our Chesham base, giving excellence every time. We’d like to point out each element of the flag is double sewn for strength and quality to ensure longevity of your flag.

The Union Flag begins as 31 cut pieces, which we cut from a master pattern. Our machinist begins by making each quarter of the flag. We generally work with too much material – as they say better too much than not enough! Hence once the quarters are complete each one has the excess fabric trimmed.

Now we have each quarter of the Union we have to measure and pin each piece before sewing to ensure accuracy. After the quarters are joined the central red bands have to be positioned, trimmed, and sewn. Once this is complete we trim any excess and turnover, sew and hem 3 sides of the flag (ensuring extra stitching on the corners which are vulnerable to wear). The fourth will be fitted with the headband. A wooden toggle for the top of the flag is sewn onto the cord, the headband is then fitted around this. The headband is again double sewn, and we also stitch a reinforcing pattern to hold the rope securely in position.

That’s it! As you can see, a lot of sewing and double sewing to ensure our sewn flags have the maximum durability possible.

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