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A version of the tricolour has been used since the 19th Century.

Technical Specifications

Adopted 2010
Proportion 2:3
Design A red, blue and white horizontal tricolour with the lesser coat of arms.
Colours  PMS – Red: 192 C, Dark Red: 704 C, Blue: 280 C, Yellow: 123 C
CMYK – Red: 90% Magenta, 70% Yellow, 10% Black; Dark Red: 90% Magenta, 70% Yellow, 30% Black; Blue: 100% Cyan, 72% Magenta, 19% Black; Yellow: 4% Cyan, 24% Magenta, 95% Yellow.


Serbia National Flag

Brief History

The first flag of the Serbian Principality in 1233 was allegedly a simple red and blue horizontal bicolour. A flag of the Emperor Dušan, which was a two-headed red eagle on a yellow field, was used from 1339. It wasn’t until 1835 that the first modern flag was conceived for the principality and Kingdom of Serbia, this was simple red, blue, white horizontal tricolour.

From 1919 Serbia was part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and took the blue, white and red Yugoslavian flag. During World War Two the German Military Administration set up a puppet government called The Government of National Salvation. In 1944 Yugoslavia became the communist controlled Democratic Federal Yugoslavia. The flag was the Serbian flag with a small red five-pointed star in the centre of blue stripe.

Serbia became the Socialist Republic of Serbia in 1945 as one of the six republics of Yugoslavia. The red star in the centre of the flag became larger with a thin golden border. When the League of Communists of Yugoslavia collapsed Serbia became a democracy. In 1992 referendum saw the removal of the red star in the centre of the flag. The flag without any symbols remained until 2004, when the government decided to put the Serbian Coat of Arms in the centre of the flag.

In 2010 the lesser coat of arms that was on the flag was moved slightly to the left of the flag.

The Coat of Arms of Serbia

The current coat of arms was adopted in 2004; it was also the Coat of Arms of Serbia from 1882 to 1918. It features a crowned red shield with a two headed eagle protected by a red shield with a white cross and four silver firesteels. Protecting the shield is the royal crown and draped with a crimson mantle.  The lesser coat of arms does not feature the second crown with mantle.

The Coat of Arms of Serbia

The Lesser Coat of Arms of Serbia

The Presidential Flags of Serbia

The Presidential Standard of Serbia is a square Serbian flag with the Greater Coat of Arms of Serbia in the centre. The flag surrounded by a red, blue and white border. The Standard of the President of the National Assembly of Serbia is the same as the Presidential Standard without the border.

The Coat of Arms of Serbia

The Lesser Coat of Arms of Serbia

The Flags of the Municipalities and Cities of Serbia

Every Municipality and city in Serbia has its own unique flag. Here are examples of the diverse flags they use.

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