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This is the only flag with a completely different image on the reverse.

Technical Specifications

Adopted 2013 (first adopted in 1842)
Proportion 2:5
Design A red-white-blue horizontal tricolour with a coat of arms on the front and seal of the treasury in the reverse.


Brief History

In 1811 Paraguay gained independence from Argentina. For the first three months of independence a dark blue flag with white six-pointed star was flown During the first meeting of congress three provisional flags were flown, the first was a green-white-blue horizontal tricolour.

The Provisional Flag of Paraguay (1811)

The Provisional Flag of Paraguay (1811)

The second provisional flag was a red-yellow-blue horizontal tricolour. The third provisional flag flown was the red-white-blue horizontal tricolour that is similar to the national flag flown today. In 1912 the 1:2 proportioned red-white-blue flag was chosen as the national flag.

The Provisional Flag of Paraguay (1811 – 1812)

The Flag of Paraguay (1812 -1826)

In 1826 a new sky blue flag with six-pointed white star was adopted alongside the red-white-blue tricolour.

In 1842 the proportions of the red-white-blue tricolour was changed to 2:3. An emblem was added to the flag that featured a golden circle with five-pointed star surrounded by an olive brand and a palm branch with the words “REPUBLIC DE PARAGUAY” above.

The Flag of Paraguay (1826 – 1842)

The Flag of Paraguay (1842 – 1854)

The reverse of the national flag featured the red-white-blue horizontal tricolour with the seal of the supreme court of Paraguay. This seal featured a lion with a staff and liberty cap.

In 1954 the proportions of the flag was changed back to 1:2 but the design remained the same.

The Reverse (1842 – 1988)

(1954 – 1988)

In 1988 the flag was changed back to 3:5 proportions and in 1990 the emblem on the front was changed to a blue circle with gold star and a large red border. The lion on the reverse was changed from gold to red.

(1988 – 1990)

(1990 – 2013)

The emblems on the front and back of the flag were changed again in 2013. The blue circle and red border were removed from the front emblem and the lion on the back emblem was changed back to gold and faced right.

(2013 to Present Day)

The Flag Reverse (2013 – to Present Day)

The Coat of Arms of Paraguay

The front of the Coat of Arms of Paraguay has been roughly the same since 1820. It features a white circle with a golden five-pointed star surrounded an olive and palm branch and the words “REPUBLICA DEL PARAGUAY” above.

The reverse of the Coat of Arms also is the Seal of the Supreme Court. It features a right facing golden lion with staff and liberty cap. About is the motto “PEACE AND JUSTICE”.



The Flags of the Departments of Paraguay

Here are some examples of the flags of the Departments of Paraguay.

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