History of Nepal National Flag


This is the only non-quadrangular national flag.

Technical Specifications

Adopted 16th December 1962
Proportion 1:1.21901033
Design Two red pennons joined together with a blue border. The upper has a white crescent moon and the lower has a sun.


Brief History

Nepal was never officially colonised by the British during the time of the British Raj and by 1923 a treaty was signed between Britain and Nepal to keep Nepal an independent state.

In 1928 an national flag was adopted. It was made up of two red pennons joined together with a blue border. The upper has a white crescent moon with a face and the lower has a sun with a face.

In 1962 the border of Nepal was completed and the faces removed from the moon and sun.

The shape of the flag is said to represent the Nepalese mountains. The sun and moon images represent the hope that the country will last as long as the real sun and moon. The Moon also represents royalty and the sun is the Rana family. The red colour represents the brave history of the country and the blue is peace and wisdom.

The Emblem of Nepal

The Emblem of Nepal was adopted in 2008.

The emblem features the national flag above Mount Everest and the Tarai region with two shaking hands to show gender equality. The images are surrounded by Rhododendrons and a banner stating “THE MOTHER AND THE MOTHERLAND ARE GREATER THAN HEAVEN”.

The Flag of Upper Mustang

Nestled in the Nepalese Himalayas, the region of Upper Mustang has a flag. It is a thick blue-bordered red field with 16 pointed white star.

The Historical Coats of Arms of Nepal

The Historical Coats of Arms of Nepal featured a shield depicting the Himalayas and is protected by two Ghurkha Soldiers with a royal headdress able. The later flag included a white cow and the faced sun and moon.

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