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Flag of Kuwait

A Brief History



Technical Specifications

Adopted 1961
Proportion 1:2
Design A green-white-red horizontal tricolour with black trapezium.


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Kuwait Flag

Brief History

Prior to 1899 the flag of Kuwait was a plain red field. In 1899 the crescent moon and five pointed white star was added to the flag with Arabic text for “Kuwait”.


1899 - 1909

In 1909 the crescent moon and star was enlarged with the Arabic text placed top right. The crescent moon and star removed, text enlarged and a large white stripe added to the left side of the flag in 1915.

(1909 – 1915)

1915 - 1956

In 1956 a new red flag and a white wavy stripe and white text stating “THERE IS NO GOD BUT GOD” in Arabic text was adopted.

A new Pan-Arab coloured flag was adopted for Kuwait in 1961. It features a green-white-red horizontal tricolour representing the land, deeds and swords with a black trapezium representing the historical battles

1956 - 1961

The Coat of Arms of Kuwait

The Coat of Arms of Kuwait was adopted in 1962. It depicts a boat on the ocean on a disc protected by a falcon protected by a shield made of the national flag. There is also a banner above the ship stating Kuwait.

The Historical Flags of the Amir of Kuwait

The First Royal Standard of the Amir of Kuwait was adopted around 1956. It features a plain red field with Arab text. Around 1980 a new Royal Standard was adopted featuring the modern flag with a gold crown in the green band.

The First Standard of the Amir of Kuwait (1956 - 1961)

The Second Standard of the Amir of Kuwait (1980s)

The Roundel of the Kuwait Air Force

The Roundel of the Kuwait Air Force contains a green disc behind a white, behind a red and black disc representing the colours of the national flag.

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