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All of our printed Zambia flags are made by a process called Dye Sublimation. This process impregnates the fibres of the fabric, the result is a flag that has very accurate colour, and importantly the design appears clearly on both sides of the flag. This is known as ‘printed through to reverse’ and is an important consideration when choosing your flag as both sides will be seen when flying.


In 1996 the green colour from the flag was lightened.


Technical Specifications

24th October 1964 (Different shade of green after 1996)
Proportion 2:3
A Plain green field with red-black-orange vertical stripes and orange eagle in the right hand side.

Brief History

Prior to independence the land of Zambia was known as Northern Rhodesia. In 1890 The first flag flown was that of the British South Africa Company. It was the Union Flag defaced with a circular disk inside of which is a lion clutching a tusk and the initials B.S.A.C.

In 1924 Northern Rhodesia was officially under British control and a British Blue ensign was adopted. The flag featured a blue field with the union flag in the top left hand corner and a shield featuring an eagle clutching a fish and black and white wavy vertical lines.

The Flag of the British South Africa Company (1890 – 1939)

The Flag of Northern Rhodesia (1924 – 1953)

In 1953 Rhodesia and Nyasaland joined together to become a self-governing British Colony.

The Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland was a British blue ensign with a Union flag in the top left and a shield featuring a rising sun, red lion and black and white wavy lines.

When North Rhodesia gained independence in 1964 the name was changed to Zambia. The new flag was a dark green field with a red, black and yellow vertical stripes and an orange eagle on the right side.

In 1996 the green area of the flag was changed to lighter shade.

Every element of the flag has a specific meaning. The green represents the vegetation of Zambia, red is the struggle for freedom, black is the people, and orange is the wealth. The eagle symbolises rising above problems.

The Coat of Arms of Zambia

In 1964 the Coat of Arms of Zambia was adopted for a newly independent Zambia.  The coat of arms features a shield with black and white wavy lines with a hoe, pick axe and eagle above. On the left side is a man in a green outfit and on the right hand side is a woman in a red dress with the motto for “ONE ZAMBIA, ONE NATION” underneath.

The Flag of the President of Zambia

The flag of the President of Zambia is a plain orange field with the coat of arms of Zambia at the centre.

The Air Ensigns of the Zambia

Both ensigns have sky blue field with a circle at the centre. The circle for the air force flag is gold bordered and split into a green, red and black segments with eagle at the centre .The circle for the civil flag features a yellow eagle at the centre and a red-green-orange-black multi-coloured border.

The Ensign of the Zambia Air Force

The Civil Air Ensign of Zambia

The Flag of the Zambia Police

The Flag of the Zambia Police is a plain blue field with the coat of arms of police in the bottom right and a white-bordered national flag in the top left hand corner.

The Historical Coat of Arms of Northern Rhodesia

The Coat of Arms of Northern Rhodesia featured a shield split In two. The top half showed an eagle picking up a fish and the bottom half featured black and white wavy lines.

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