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The flag is designed to depict a peaceful landscape scene, with sand, greenery, blue skies and the sun.

Technical Specifications

25th October 2001
Proportion 2:3
A blue-yellow-green horizontal tricolour with a yellow sun top right.
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Brief History

Rwanda was an independent Kingdom until it became a German Colony in 1891 and the flag adopted was that of German East Africa. The flag of German East Africa is a white field with a black cross in the top left portion of the flag is red with five five-pointed stars.

In 1916 the area became Ruanda-Urundi under Belgian administration the Belgian black-yellow-red vertical tricolour flag was adopted.

The Flag of German East Africa (1891 – 1916)

The Flag of Ruanda-Urundi (1916 – 1962)

In 1962 the Kingdom of Rwanda finally gained full independence from Belgium and a red-yellow-green vertical tricolour was adopted. In the same year a large R was placed in the centre of the yellow border.

The Flag of the Kingdom of Rwanda (1962)

The Flag of Rwanda (1962 – 2001)

In 2001 a new flag was adopted to represent the unity of the country, as the previous flag was associated with the genocide in 1994.

The flag is a blue-yellow-green horizontal tricolour with golden sun. This gives the look of the land, greenery, sky and sun. The flag is also said to represent the happiness of the population.

The Coat of Arms of Rwanda

The Coat of Arms of Rwanda was adopted in 2001.  At the centre is a traditional basket above a cogwheel.  At either side is the national Rwanda plants and a Tutsi shield. Above is a banner that reads “REPUBLIC YU RWANDA” and below is a banner with “UBUMWE, UMURIMO, GUKUNDA, IGIHUGU.”

The Flag of the President of Rwanda

The Flag of the President of Rwanda is a plain white field with the coat of arms at the centre. It also features gold cloth around the edges.

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