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All of our printed Moldova flags are made by a process called Dye Sublimation. This process impregnates the fibres of the fabric, the result is a flag that has very accurate colour, and importantly the design appears clearly on both sides of the flag. This is known as ‘printed through to reverse’ and is an important consideration when choosing your flag as both sides will be seen when flying.


The modern flag of Moldova is very similar to the Romanian Flag.

Technical Specifications

27th April 1990
Proportion 1:2
A blue, yellow, red vertical tricolour with the Coat of Arms of Moldova in the middle.
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Brief History

From the 14th Century till 1856 the area was a Danubian Principality called Moldavia. The Flag at the time was a plain red field with a golden bull in the centre featuring a five pointed star above its head, a flower to the left and a crescent moon facing right on the right hand side.

Moldavia became a Democratic Republic for a short time from 1917 to 1918, its flag was a blue-yellow-red horizontal tricolour with the Coat of Arms in the centre.

The Flag of the Principality of Moldavia

The Flag of the Democratic Republic of Moldavia

In 1924 the Soviets turned it into the Moldavian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic and by 1925 they had a new flag which was plain red with the hammer and sickle on the top left hand side, onto which was the letter P.A.C.C.M and underneath maize and wheat ears wrapped in vine leaves.

This flag was changed in 1937 to a red flag with small hammer and sickle with “YPCP”,”RSSU” and in small font “Moldavian ASSR in Ukrainian and Moldavian.

The Flag of THE MASSR (1925 – 1937)

The Flag of the MASSR (1937 – 1940)

During 1941 the Soviet flag changed to represent the newly named Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic. The first flag was a red flag with hammer and sickle in the top left hand corner over which was the initials Cyrillic characters PCCM. This changed in 1952 with a similar flag, but the characters were removed and a green horizontal stripe through the centre was added.

The Military Flags of Japan

Each Governorate in Egypt has a their own flag. Here are some examples.

The Coat of Arms of Moldova

The Coat of Arms of Moldova was adopted in 1990. It features a bicolour red and blue shield with the tradition ensigns of Moldavia protecting a brown eagle that holds and olive branch and sceptre in its claws. In the Eagles mouth is a cross.

The Coat of Arms of the Army of Moldova is similar to the general Coat of Arms apart from the fact the eagle is gold and holds a mace rather than a sceptre. Surrounding the Eagle is a red shield.

The Emblem of the Army of Moldova is similar to the Coat of Arms apart from rather than a read shield it features a olive and oak branch connected by a ribbon around the eagle.

The Governmental Standards of Moldova

There are four Governmental Standards of Moldova.

The President, President of the Parliament and Prime Minister are all square flags with a border of red, yellow and blue squares with the Coat of Arms in the centre.

The only difference being the central colours, purple for the President, red for the President of the Parliament and blue for the Prime Minister.

Currently the Ministry of Defence has a temporary Standard, which is the Flag of Moldova.

The Variant Flag of Moldova

The Variant Flag of Moldova is the War Flag and the Flag of the Armed Forces of Moldova.

It features the Emblem of the Armed Forces in the centre of a blue field with red cross inside a yellow cross.

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