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The colours of the flag are taken from the flag of the Kenya African National Union.

Technical Specifications

Adopted  12th December 1963 
Proportion 2:3
Design A black-red-green horizontal tricolour with white edges and at the centre is a black Maasai shield with crossed spears.


Brief History

In 1895 Great Britain became a protectorate of Kenya and the first flag of the nation was adopted and made up of a British blue ensign with red lion. When the country became a British Colony in 1920 the flag remained the same.

In 1893 the British annexed a part of Kenya from German East Africa and renamed the Witu Protectorate. The flag was a plain red field with the flag of Great Britain at the centre.

The Flag of the East African Protectorate and The Colony of Kenya (1895 – 1920) (1920 – 1963)

The Flag of the Protectorate of Witu (1893 – 1920)

The Kenyan African National Union was formed to fight for independence from Great Britain. The colours of the union were later used as the basis of the modern Kenyan flag.

When Kenya became independent in 1963 a new flag was designed and adopted. The flag is a black, red, green and white-bordered horizontal tricolour. The red colour represents for the fight for independence; the black represents the people, the green for the landscape and the white for peace and the Maasai shield and spears represent defence.

The Symbol of the Kenyan African National Union (1944 to Present Day)

The Flag of Kenya (1963 to Present Day)

The Coat of Arms of Kenya

The Coat of Arms of Kenya was adopted in 1963 and features a Maasi shield with the national flag and cockerel holding an axe in the centre. Two lions are holding up the shield at either side and are clutching crossed spears. Below the shield is a banner stating “LET’S PULL TOGETHER” and a silhouette of Mount Kenya.

The Flag of the President of Kenya

In 2013 a new presidential standard was adopted to celebrate the election of President Uhuru Kenyatta. It is a blue field with white dove and Maasai shield with crossed spears.

The Historical Flags of the Presidents of Kenya

The Flag of the President of Kenya has changed over the years. All of the flags featured the Maasai shield, crossed spears in some form.

The first flag was adopted in 1963 and features the national flag with the national coat of arms at the centre. The second flag featured a dark blue field and golden cockerel, the third a green field with red cockerel; the fourth had a plain white field with laurel wreath.

Military Flags of Kenya

Here are some examples of the Kenyan Military Flags. Each features the National flag in the top left hand corner.

The Defence Forces Flag features a red-light blue- blue horizontal tricolour with the a blue anchor, crossed guns, golden eagle emblem with the banner stating “KENYA ARMED FORCES.”

The Air Force Flag of Kenya is a light blue field with a black-red-green roundel in the right hand corner.

The Naval Ensign of Kenya features a white field with a red anchor and the Presidential Colour of the Kenyan Navy features a red anchor behind the National Coat of Arms.

Historical Flags of The British African Protectorate

Here are some examples of the historical flags of the Colony of Kenya under British Rule.

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