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Czech Republic

Our digitally printed Czech Republic flags are produced to a high quality, durable knitted polyester. Created to the Flag Institute approved design, by us here in the UK. Each flag is hand finished with a double sewn hem for durability, and a headband, rope and toggle suitable for attachment to any standard flagpole.


During the separation of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, both countries agreed not to use symbols of Czechoslovakia, but the Czech Republic still retained the old Czechoslovakian flag.

Technical Specifications

Adopted 1920
Proportion 2:3
A bicolour, with the upper half white and the lower half red. A blue triangle is superimposed, its points at the top left corner, the bottom left corner, and the exact centre.
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Brief History

he Czech Republic was originally the Kingdom of Bohemia that lasted for over seven centuries, firstly as a member of the Holy Roman Empire, and then the Austrian Empire, and finally the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The flag gets its red and white colours from the ancient Coat of Arms of Bohemia, however it was almost identical to the polish flag and contained the same colours as the Austrian flag.

At the end of World War I, Austria-Hungary was dismantled. US President Woodrow Wilson’s demanded the autonomy (and later independence) of Austro-Hungarian states. Consequently, the state of Czechoslovakia, incorporating the lands of Bohemia and with Prague as its capital, was born. In 1920 the blue wedge was added to make it different to the polish flag.

In 1938, following the Munich Agreement, Nazi Germany annexed the Sudetenland and dismantled Czechoslovakia. The country was divided into two states: the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, and the Slovak Republic.

After the war, the state of Czechoslovakia was reestablished, along with its old flag with blue wedge. However, it fell into Soviet orbit and would not reclaim democratic independence until the Velvet Revolution.

In the 1990s, problems between the Czechs and the Slovaks were resolved with independence for the new state of Slovakia, while the remaining western part became the Czech Republic. The latter inherited the historical flag of Czechoslovakia.

The Flag of Bohemia and ČSR (1918- 1920)

The Flag of Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia (1939 – 1945)

Vertical Hoisting

It is important to remember that a Czech flag, hung vertically, should feature the blue triangle at the top of the flag with the red colour to the right. This means showing the reverse side.

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