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Which flag should fly from Edinburgh Castle flagpole?

Somewhat of a row has erupted over plans to relegate the Union Jack flag, which is flying from the flagpole at Edinburgh Castle, using the Scottish saltire.

The Union flag has been flown on the spot for 404 years, but the pressure is now mounting for the saltire to replace the British national flag on the 90ft flagpole at the castle. Supporters claim that changing the flag would help promote the country’s image abroad and will instil a greater sense of national pride in the Scottish public.

Now, a plan has emerged to fly the Scottish flag on a flagpole some 30ft above the Union Jack.
This has attracted lots of support from SNP MSPs such as Christine Grahame who said, “I am sure that the majority of Scots and visiting tourists would be delighted to see Scotland’s flag flown from the very top of the castle, even if that requires an additional flagpole.”

However, the British Armed Forces are less likely to support the change as the castle is a designated flag flying spot for the military. Neil Griffiths of the Royal British Legion Scotland, added, “They seem to forget that St Andrew’s saltire is an integral part of the Union Jack.”

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

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