What to Expect with a Flagpole Maintenance Service?

As Winter approaches, the weather is set to worsen. We’re expecting a season of excessive wind and rain to wrap up 2020 and this can take a toll on your site and especially on your flagpole. If left to battle the elements unchecked, your flagpole could face some major issues in both the cosmetic department and its functionality standards.

To make sure your flagpole retains the quality and impact you desire, as well as fulfilling all the necessary safety regulations and guidelines, we advise that you opt for an annual Flagpole Maintenance Service from Flagmakers.

Do you know when your last flagpole service was? Get in touch with Flagmakers and we can book you in for a full-service for your flagpole.

Not sure what a maintenance service involves? We’re happy to explain it all so that you know what to expect from Flagmaker’s first-class service.

Flagpole Maintenance and servicing

Your standard flagpole service includes:

A visit from our team of highly skilled and experienced flagpole engineers. They’ll thoroughly inspect your flagpoles and ensure everything is how it should be, giving guidance and suggestions on how to maintain the high standards you expect from your flagpole.

A rigorous examination of the foundation and ground anchor bolts, ensuring they are sturdy and stable. Or for wall-mounted flagpoles, the team will inspect the quality and standards of the fixtures and how they attach to the building.

An examination of the hardware to highlight any signs of wear and tear, or where the integrity of the flagpole may be fatigued, bending or nearing the need for replacement.

Scrutinising all halyards, cleats, and fittings for signs of abrasion or weakness through UV ageing, weather damage and more. Swapping old for new and guaranteeing a polished and professional look for your flagpole.

Lowering the poles and carrying out a deep clean; removing all dirt, grease and marks to restore a professional and attention-grabbing look before re-erecting the flagpole.

Checking the quality and functionality of all finials, rotating arms, and other additional fittings. If any part is worn beyond our high standards, including the flag being flown, Flagmakers replace them.

Following our visit:

After your Flagpole maintenance service there are some key areas you should continue to monitor yourself:

If you see visible dirt or marks on your flagpole, and can safely reach the area, you can clean it yourself. Avoiding harsh chemicals, you can wash the flagpole with soap and water, but for any major abrasions or scuffs, you should contact our team.

In days of severe wind and rain, the bad weather can not only do damage to your flag but also to your flagpole. Ensure you take down your flags in extreme weather conditions to avoid unnecessary strain and pressure on the hardware.

Keep a note of when your flagpoles need servicing. Ensuring you are keeping your appointments up to date is one of the best ways to highlight issues before they become an unsolvable problem.


You can choose between a service cycle of 6 or 12 months and keep your flagpole looking its best.

Book in your next flagpole service today. Speak to our sales team to learn more. Call 01246 472 949 or send us a message here.

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