Top Tips for Extending the Life of Your Flag

One of the most common questions we get asked here at Flagmakers is “How long will my flag last?”. Unfortunately, we don’t have an answer for this as it is all down to you and how to use and treat your flag at all times. From the hours it is flown for to the conditions it is kept in.

Whilst we do everything we can to ensure durability and premium quality in our products, every flag can benefit from some TLC. With the British weather living up to its name this Winter, we wanted to share our top tips on the best ways to treat your flags, and how you can keep them in the best condition possible.

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Lowering Your Flag in Bad Weather

You should take down your flags in heavy rain and high winds. Winds exceeding 31mph (Beaufort Scale 6) and constant wet weather can cause unnecessary wear, have adverse effects on colour over time, and add further stress to your flagpole.


Keeping your Flag Clear of Obstacles

Flags are often damaged by objects which the flag flaps against in windy conditions, or by wooden flagstaffs without a smooth finish. To reduce the risk of fraying or a damaged fly edge, ensure that the halyard is as tight as possible, preventing your flag from snagging and that your flag flies clear of all obstacles.

Washing Your Flag Correctly

Air pollution will cause white parts of your flag to turn grey over time, but all our flags can be washed in a normal washing machine set at 40 degrees. You should use normal detergents and avoid the use of soda or bleaching alkali as these will damage your flag. Alternatively, you can ask Flagmakers to carefully wash your flag, carry out minor repairs, and return your flag in pristine condition.


Changing Your Flag Regularly

To ensure your flag is always looking its finest, we suggest a minimum of monthly intervals to change your flags. Flagmakers has a dedicated service team who will efficiently check, change and restore your flag to its best condition. This service is determined by you, choosing the time which suits you best and the frequency of the change. We will work around your requirements.

Storing Your Flag in the Right Way

Never put your flag into storage when it is wet. Allow your flags to dry fully before storing them in a dry and ventilated place. We suggest having two or more flags to allow you to fly one whilst the other is being cleaned, repaired, or stored.



Got further questions about how to care for your flags and flagpoles? Speak to Flagmakers today and discover the first-class advice we offer and the industry-leading services we can carry out to guarantee your location gives a memorable impression. Call 01246 472 949 or email

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