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Flagmakers of Lockdown

With another national lockdown announced on Monday 4th January that will last a minimum of 6 weeks, we didn't get the start to 2021 that everyone was hoping for when we said goodbye to 2020.

With the overwhelming majority of school children throughout the UK now out of school, we recognise the importance of ensuring children experience some variety in their learning and entertainment, placing a great stress on parents. This of course is not helped by the dark and damp winters days of January and February, restricting opportunities to get outside and explore, which was such an important part of our first national lockdown. 

To try and assist with this, we've created an 8 page flag themed downloadable booklet featuring 3 fun and creative activities for primary school age children. Feel free to share this resource with others and show us your completed world flag quiz or your special flag designs using #FlagmakersOfLockdown on social media!

We hope that you will enjoy this resource, learn a little about the flags of the world and look forward to seeing your flag designs.  

Got A Suggestion?

Did you enjoy doing these activities and have some ideas about other flag or flagpole exercise that you would be interested in? Our team would love to hear your feedback!

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