Royal British Legion Mourning Drape

Here at Flagmakers as part of our relationship with the Royal British Legion, as a Registered Supplier. We manufacture Black and Union Jack Mourning Drapes. Although a sombre subject, someone’s got to do it and we take a degree of pride in helping families mourn their loved ones.

Our mourning drapes are very similar to manufacturing a flag, particularly in the case of the Union Jack Drapes. The dimensions are almost matching to a flag a key difference is not to fit the item with any toggles or eyelets as you would a flag to be flown.

Coffin Drape Union Flag Funeral

Flagmakers recently provided Spilsby & District’s Royal British Legion with one of our standard black mourning drapes. Our client from the branch commented on the drape, saying:

“An excellent service and product, very well done”.We would like to send our deepest condolences to the family requiring the drape and hope they were able to give they’re loved one the farewell they wanted."

The drape supplied was a totally standardised version, in the past we have manufactured Royal British Legion Branch specific mourning drapes. Whereby the branch crest is embroidered onto the drape as a special goodbye.

There are also cases where drapes may need to be manufactured to different dimensions. All of which we can and have catered for. If you find yourself in a position of mourning we would like to help you. Let us take a tiny piece of the strain and provide an immaculate drape without any hassle in this difficult time.

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