Who Designed the Official Coronation Flag?

With King Charles’ coronation right around the corner, you may have been wondering about the design details that will make up the big day. In this blog, we learn more about the official coronation flag, what it means and when you should start to fly it.. 

Who Designed the Official Coronation Flag? LoveFrom, the official coronation flag, was designed by Sir Jony Ive KBE. The flag’s design depicts an exquisite floral design, in honour of the King’s ‘love of the planet, nature, and his deep concern for the natural world’. 

Read on to learn more about the designer and the official coronation flag design with Flagmakers, the UK’s most trusted providers of high-quality flags.

Who Designed King Charles III’s Official Coronation Emblem?

King Charles' Official Coronation Emblem was designed by former chief design officer of Apple, Sir Jony Ive KBE. The British designer was appointed royal designer for industry in 2003. Ive was also awarded the RSA’s Benjamin Franklin medal and the Professor Stephen Hawkins Fellowship in 2018. 

LoveFrom is a creative group of artists founded by Sir Jony in 2019. With studios in both London and San Francisco, LoveFrom are absolutely ‘obsessed with the traditions of creating and making’. 

Both Sir Jony Ive KBE and LoveFrom are immensely honoured to contribute to this national occasion. 

What is the Design of the Official Coronation Emblem?

The circular official Coronation Flag design pays specific tribute to the King’s love of nature whilst ‘celebrating the historic beginning of the new reign’. The emblem is intricately composed of the various flora associated with the four nations that make up the United Kingdom. As you can see, the colours of the union flag; red, white and blue have been used to embolden the design further.  

What Does this Symbolise?

Each form represents a different nation in the United Kingdom: 

  • The rose symbolises England
  • The thistle symbolises Scotland 
  • The daffodil symbolises Wales 
  • The shamrock symbolises Northern Ireland 

The natural forms interweave beautifully together to construct St Edward’s Crown, the official crown used for the coronation of British monarchs. In this way, the ceremonial Flag design is able to capture both the “joyful and profound importance of this occasion.”

Official Coronation Emblem

Where and When Should You Hang the Official Coronation Flag?

Flagmakers supply, install and service the finest flagpoles in the UK so no need to worry about setting up your own flag. However, if you are not quite ready to install a flagpole, there are plenty of Royal Coronation Official Emblem Products to browse from. 

Make sure to have your royal coronation decorations ready before Saturday the 6th of May. Prepare for the commemorations with quality royal coronation flags, including the Union Jack and the official King Charles Coronation Flags. The emblem will also be showcased in official merchandise commemorating the historic event. 

Other Royal Flags to be Aware of

If you’re getting ready for the big day, there are a few other coronation designs to consider before the exciting national celebrations begin. 

Alternative Official Coronation Flags 

It is worth noting that there are various alternative Official Coronation flags available in different colours: red, blue, black or white - whichever takes your fancy! These emblems will be used not just on flags, but on a whole array of other coronation memorabilia.

Alternative Coronation Emblems

Royal Standard

The Royal Standard is used to represent the Sovereign and the United Kingdom. It is only flown when the Sovereign is in residence in one of their royal palaces or whilst travelling on official journeys. 

The flag is split into four quaterings. The first and fourth quarters depict three lions passant to represent England. The second quarter depicts a lion rampant to represent Scotland whilst the third quarter depicts a harp to represent Ireland. 

Royal Standard Of The United Kingdom

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