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Supporting the Ukraine Crisis Appeal

Since the invasion of Ukraine in late February, there has been a huge show of support for the people of Ukraine from political leaders and the public across the globe. A response that has been replicated throughout the UK, with businesses members of the public showing their support for the courageous people of the Ukraine in many ways, resulting in a huge surge in demand for the Ukrainian National Flag.     

Outpouring of Support

Flags have historically been critical during battle, both for their practical uses and morale-building qualities. However, sales in the UK echo the outpouring of support, solidarity and sympathy shown to those in Ukraine, with the flag being present at protests, vigils, and sporting events in recent weeks.

In the month of March alone, Flagmakers supplied close to 400 Ukraine National flags, a huge increase on the 4 sold in the entirety of 2021. From historical council buildings to local corner shops, the nation has been dressed in blue and yellow.

Ukraine Flag on Flagpole

Passing on the Suport

We believed it was important to pass on this support through and assist the humanitarian aid efforts during this distressing time, donating all profits from the sale of the Ukrainian Nation Flag in March to the Ukraine Crisis Appeal.

On the 4th April, we donated £3317 via the British Red Cross Website. You can find out more about the appeal and how this donation will be spent here.

Visit British Red Cross Website

Lunch 4 Ukraine

On top of this donation, we were also delighted to supply our long-standing customer Grosvenor House London with Ukraine Flags to decorate their Lunch 4 Ukraine event, which to date has raised an astounding £176’000 in aid of the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.  

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