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Four Businesses Using Promotional Flags in Their Brand Marketing Strategy

The use of flags and flagpoles dates back almost 5000 years. Since the very beginning, flying a flag has been a popular way for people to showcase their pride, presence, or affiliation with leaders, groups, and causes.

Nowadays, flags are used by businesses in a large range of sectors and industries for a wide variety of reasons, all of which can contribute to the public image of the organisation. Often much more than a passing whim to fly a flag, the displaying of bespoke artwork and messaging can be an effective tool to tell the public more about a business and engage with the target audience, stakeholders and more.

Flagmakers are proud to offer a choice between different hardware systems, materials and fabrics, and manufacturing methods to produce the ultimate solution which creates a traditional, professional, and eye-catching display.

Explore four well-known businesses that use branded flags to grow and develop their brand strategy, with the help of Flagmakers.

Tiffany & Co.

We’ve been making premium quality flags for Tiffany & Co. for more than a decade. The speciality retailer of jewellery, accessories, and leather goods was founded in 1837 and has created a world-renowned brand of luxury and an arbiter of taste and style. As one of 320 stores across the world, the London boutique was keen to work with a UK supplier who could produce superior quality flags to maintain an eye-catching first impression for shoppers.

The sophistication of Tiffany’s brand is replicated across the entire business identity with the iconic shade of blue. To ensure their business identity is consistent, Tiffany & Co manufacture their own specialised fabric for flags and displays and supply it to Flagmakers for it to be printed and sewn into flags and display solutions.

Tiffany & Co. proudly flies two excellent quality flags at the front of their Bond Street store all year round. Each angled flag is finished with durable eyelets and Velcro openings for appropriate weighting, and they are changed monthly to ensure the branded flags are always looking their best.

Tiffany Shopfront Flag
QE2 Centre Flags

Queen Elizabeth II Centre

Since 2013, Flagmakers has been the preferred flag supplier for the QE2 Centre and a list of their high-end clientele. Opened in 1986 by Her Majesty the Queen, the dedicated conference and exhibition space hosts more than 400 functions a year, catering for up to 1300 delegates. The centre came to Flagmakers in search of a trusted supplier who could emulate the level of prestige and reputation of the events held there.

To maintain the fantastic first impression people have come to expect from the QE2 Centre, guests are greeted by a row of flagpoles featuring corporate branded flags and banners, and custom designs for events taking place at the venue. The centre makes use of bespoke shapes to fly vertical flags guaranteed to catch the eye, and with custom hardware like banner-arms to ensure the designs are seen whatever the weather.

The Flagmakers team uses their experience and superior industry knowledge to regularly maintain the flagpoles at the venue, ensuring all safety standards are met to preserve the trusted and respected reputation of the QE2 centre.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Since it opened as a hotel in 1902, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hyde Park has been subject to several multi-million-pound renovations and now offers an essence of timeless heritage coupled with contemporary flair and glamour.  The organisation contacted Flagmakers, looking for a supplier of high-end flags that would create a prestigious and impressive welcome for visitors, adding to the luxury ambience of the hotel but without disturbing historical features.

The hotel uses a number of flags at the front entrance to tell a story about the organisation. In addition to the intricate details of national flags for Hong Kong – the country of origin for the brand - the hotel also showcases flags featuring the logo and corporate colours of the globally recognised Mandarin Oriental organisation.

Working with the Flagmakers team to create bespoke bracketry for the flags, the Mandarin Oriental has created a stunning visual and eye-catching entrance for the hotel, in keeping with their worldwide reputation, and treating their historical building with respect.

National and bespoke flags - Mandarin Hotel

Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors

Representing the global standards adhered to by more than 134,000 qualified and trainee professionals, the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors delivers an international standard that supports the development of spaces and places, so they are fit for future generations, in addition to the challenges faced in the present.

As a long-standing and respected organisation, the RICS take pride in the appearance and presentation of their London headquarters, displaying corporate flags on 3 stunning wall-mounted flagpoles, all year round. Since 2016, the organisation has shown their support for the LGBTQ+ community by swapping the middle flag for the Pride flag to commemorate LGBT Pride Month. In June 2021, the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors elected to fly the more inclusive 2018 Progress Design instead of the traditional 6 stripe rainbow.

As a proud supplier of a variety of hand-sewn and printed Pride flags, Flagmakers was thrilled to work with RICS and provide several high-quality bespoke flags and offer robust and in-depth servicing to ensure the location is always looking its best.

If you’re interested to learn more about the use of branded custom flags or discussing the specific needs and requirements of your business display solutions, get in touch with Flagmakers today.

From your initial enquiry with our expert sales team to the installation and maintenance from our talented engineering department, we’re here to help with the finest quality flags and flagpoles.

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