Antique Royal British Legion Flag

The full history of the standard is not entirely known and we could not trace it. However, this beautiful Royal British Legion Flag Standard in 90 years old. A customer very kindly brought the flag in to show us impressed with the longevity the flag had displayed.

Sadly we could not discover who had made the flag… to have lasted this long we think it must be one of ours of course! The impressive RBL Standard has clearly been treated with the respect it deserves by each individual who has been responsible for it over the years. This flag will have had regular cleaning and care to still be in such immaculate condition after all these years.

Royal British Legion Standard

Here’s a few handy hints on Standard care by Flagmakers:

  • Washing, pressing and dry cleaning are NOT recommended, please seek specialist advice.
  • Allow the Standard to hang freely whilst drying naturally
  • When in storage cover with a dust sheet for additional protection
  • Ensure the location of the standard is recorded in your meeting minutes, better safe than sorry!
  • Never leave your Standard rolled up in the carry case! Remove the pole and fold into 3 placing the 2 outside panels over the centre.

We would like to offer our thanks to the wonderful gentleman who brought this very special Standard in to meet the Flagmakers team. It certainly created a buzz in the office to see it looking in such stunning condition, after all these years.

Please do bring the standard back when it reaches its centenary! For more information on Flag Standards symbolism, care, repair and new flags click here.

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