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Some of the largest and most popular events and exhibitions in the country regularly use our products to make an impression and get their organisations noticed. From classic displays to welcome guests, to custom designs to build brand awareness, our clients have used flags and signage to take their events, conferences, and meetings to the next level.

Most Popular Products

Whilst every event offers something different and unique to its visitors, there are several flag and signage products that we see being used time and time again. Loyal customers from the events industry have used a range of our products and services to produce high-quality events.

Event Flagpoles with Water Base

Event Flagpole

custom flags - festival flags

Festival Flags

Custom Flags - Feather Flags

Feather Flags

customer flags - advertising

Advertising Flags

Success Stories

QE2 Centre

Since 2013, Flagmakers has produced first-class flags for the QEII Centre and a long list of their high-end clientele. With a commitment to quality, turnaround and aftercare, Flagmakers are proud to be the preferred flag supplier for the Queen Elizabeth II Centre.

QE2 Centre Flags

Frequently Asked Questions From Event & Exhibition Professionals

Do I need to produce my own artwork?

Many of our clients love that they can submit their custom artwork to us, and we can produce it at a high standard, to their exact requirements. Take a look at our Artwork guidelines to make your submission the best it can be, or if you need any help with your design, you’re welcome to get in touch with the team.

If you’re looking for an existing flag design for your event or exhibition, we may already have the artwork required. Speak to our sales team to learn more.

What is the standard size for a flag/flagpole?

The short answer is that there isn’t one. Flags and flagpoles come in such a variety of sizes and many customers have their own requirements and circumstances that mean they need something different from the client before.

Whether your flag is for indoors or outdoors, long term or for a short period, there are several factors that contribute to the decision of which product will be best for you. Browse our full range and use our matching table to highlight the best options for your event or exhibition.

How long does a flag last for? / How often should I replace the flag?

We make all of our flags with care and high-quality materials, but even the sturdiest of flags do not last forever. Each flag will have a different life cycle based on how it used and cared for. If your flag is flown for long periods of time and in adverse weather conditions, then its quality will fade more quickly than a flag that is flown for fewer hours and is taken down in strong wind and rain.

All Flagmaker flags come with a guide on how best to care for the product, and you can read information about our additional services such as laundry, repair, and changing here.

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